Reformer Pilates Group Classes

Weight Loss Reformer Pilates Class

Weight Loss Reformer Pilates Class

Weight Loss Reformer Pilates class is a high-intensity and low impact reformer pilates class focusing on sculpting big muscle groups to accelerate calories burn.


Weight Loss Reformer Pilates class is suitable for those who are physically active to lose stubborn body fats. Read more here.

Flexi Stretch Reformer Pilates Class

Flexi Stretch Reformer Pilates Class

Flexi Stretch Reformer Pilates class trains your muscles to be long, lean and strong, providing the flexibility needed for most movements.


Flexi Stretch Reformer Pilates class is suitable for stiff, inflexible bodies and those who work out regularly. Read more here.

Cardio Jumpboard Reformer Pilates Class

Cardio Jumpboard Reformer Pilates Class

Cardio Jumpboard Reformer Pilates class is a fast-packed, high-intensity Reformer Pilates class that gives you a cardiovascular burn while challenging coordination, muscle endurance and core stability.


Prerequisite of attending 5 basic Reformer Pilates class in the last 12 months is required. Read more here.

Weight Loss Plus Reformer Pilates Class

Weight Loss Plus Reformer Pilates Class

Weight Loss Plus Reformer Pilates class is our advanced Reformer Pilates class. Expect intermediate and advanced exercises performed with almost no breaks in between to challenge your strength and muscle engagement.


Prerequisite of attending 5 basic Reformer Pilates class in the last 12 months is required. Read more here.

Core Reformer Pilates Class

Core Reformer Pilates Class

Core Reformer Pilates class will reduce your body aches by improving the general alignment, core strength and posture of your body.


Core Reformer Pilates class is suitable for those who are inactive, injured and under rehabilitation or managing postnatal issues. Read more here.

Couple Prenatal Reformer Pilates Class

Couple Prenatal Reformer Pilates Class

The first and only Couple Prenatal Reformer Pilates class in Singapore that allows parents-to-be to prepare for birth through fun prenatal exercises together.


Couple Prenatal Reformer Pilates class supports the mummy at 3 different stages. Read more here.

Abs Burn Reformer Pilates Class

Abs Burn Reformer Pilates Class

Abs Burn Reformer Pilates class helps you to attain a toned and flat stomach fast. Eliminate stubborn love handles and belly fat with the targeted Pilates moves.


Prerequisite of attending 5 basic Reformer Pilates class in the last 12 months is required. Read more here.

Virtual Mat Pilates Class

Virtual Mat Pilates Class

We run Virtual Mat Pilates class during studio closures to keep you active. We are currently not conducting any virtual mat pilates classes.


Read more about our Virtual Mat Pilates classes here.

Private Pilates

reformer pilates singapore
Benefit from one hour private session

reformer pilates singapore
Customized according targeted outcomes

reformer pilates singapore
Fully curated and fun workouts

Fully customized and private, the instructor will work with your specific needs and goals, utilizing the full range of Pilates equipment.

reformer pilates singapore
FREE Mat Pilates Singapore

Online Pilates

reformer pilates singapore
Choose from Live Virtual Pilates class via Zoom or FREE Youtube Workout Calendars

reformer pilates singapore
Get strong, toned and pain-free at the comfort of your home

reformer pilates singapore
Long lasting results without equipment, anytime, anywhere

Wake up with deep Pilates stretches, blast your fats with lunchtime Pilates HIIT, or slow down with an evening Pilates flow, all at the comfort of your home. Spice it up with our free Fitness Challenges and Workout Calendars. 

reformer pilates singapore

Delighted Customer Share

Based on 281 reviews
Feeling fitter

I’ve continued with regular classes after my trial classes ended. I feel that i do see myself leaner and more toned. The class is comfortably paced yet intense enough.

Thank you, J! Do try our different class types and instructors so that your body gets a challenge every class. ◡̈

Pilates reformer class

I love the reformer classes! Attended two sessions with Wina and she's really friendly and patient. She gives clear instructions as well and is very encouraging too 🙂 I find the Pilates classes great for stretching our muscles. Enjoyed myself!

So glad to hear that you are enjoying our class, Joycelyn! Hope you can feel the positive changes to your body soon!

Awesome Classes

Lots of class timings to choose from, accessible location, hoping to make this my new healthy habit!

Cultivating a new habit is not easy and we are glad that you chose Pilates! Try to focus on completing the monthly flow challenge and get rewarded up to 3 FREE classes every month!

Knee pain treatment workshop

Had a better understanding of how our feet alignment when doing the exercises on the reformer makes all the difference!
Correct alignment means no pain & we’ll be strengthening the targeted area/muscles too.
Thanks Wina for your clear explanation & correcting our posture/alignment. ❤️
Wished the class was longer so can incorporate a full workout!

Hello Linda, thank you for sharing your experience. We are glad you find it useful. As it is a workshop, focus is to share the knowledge and know-how so that you can incorporate it during your regular classes. Hope it will help your knee! ◡̈

A good mix of stretching and core exercise

A very good and safe way to exercise and build core strength, helps with people with back problems, flexibility, and classes are conducted professionally.

Thank you, Shaun. We are glad that the classes are working out for you. ◡̈

Good workout

If you haven't tried the jumpboard class, you've got to try it. Great fun. And before you know it, you've done your body a great favour.

Thank you! We enjoy teaching the jumpboard too - it's one of our favourite classes to teach!

Best workout for all ages.

A most wonderful and fulfilling workout.Very friendly and helpful instructors to guide you .Many kudos to them!!

Thank you for keeping up with your Pilates practice for so many years. We are motivated by your determination in keeping a healthy body!

Engaging Classes

Attended 2 Core classes and I've enjoyed them. As a beginner, the small class size makes it easier to learn and instructor will give detailed explanation and help to correct the poses.

Thank you, Ling. Do explore other class types too. ◡̈

Fulfilling sessions !

Each session was fun and really helped to train the core muscles. Wina is a great instructor and always ensure students are doing the right poses.

Great to hear that you are enjoying yourself, Perlyn.
Thanks for your appreciation of Wina's classes. We look forward to seeing more of you in class.

Pilates Reformer Class

The instructors are very patient and clear in their instructions. Enjoyed the classes and will be back for more!

Good form on the video, Heather! We are pleased to hear you are enjoying the class. Looking forward to see you in class soon!

Totally enjoyed the class conducted by Wina. They are patient and give clear instructions and guidance so to ensure that we did the exercises correctly. Highly recommended to people with knee pain issues.

Thank you Yu Wei. We hope you find our workout useful in managing your knee pain. See you in class soon!

Great for beginners

Decided to try out this centre as I am 3 months postpartum and it has been a pleasant experience so far. Joy is very patient and helpful with me as I am new to pilates reformer. One thing that can be improved is probably their online booking platform which can be quite tricky to complete the booking.

Congratulations on your new arrival! Good job on starting postpartum workout just 3 months after birth.

Thank you for your feedback - do drop us an email if you still face issues on your bookings. We will be glad to assist!


The first visit was not very pleasant as my instructor probably having PMS on the day. I was just asking a question during briefing due to uncertainty, but she rolled her eyes and told me that "pilates is a complex exercise, you shall just follow the instructions that I gave, and you will work on the areas targeted." I don't doubt the exercise that she planned, but I didn't expect my first visit will be so awkward. By the way, she did showed her professionalism in correcting my postures during the lesson, it was her not smiling face & the incident make me felt that the whole lesson very stressful. The next two visits, I changed another instructor - Joy, she was super observant, and patient in correcting my postures. The instructions given are also clear that I able to follow thoroughly. P/S: You will be surprised that the simple exercise that you thought you have done good, is actually not correct HAHA. Once the instructors corrected you, you will then feel the burnnnn in your body!

For the three classes I went 2 on cores, and 1 on weight lost. Weight lost are more intense and my legs turning jelly after the lesson. However, something good about all these lessons is that you will feel muscle ache the next day, but surprisingly not that uncomfortable.

The reformer is good as it provides certain restriction to allow me to better focus on my body alignment and coordination. I can easily strengthen my knees during the lesson.

In all, I am satisfied with my visits at Pilates Fitness, and is definitely recommended to try the reformer class at such affordable rate.

Thank you for your understanding, Wan Hui. It's sweet and kind of you to comment that the unplesant experience was due to PMS.

Rest assured that our instructors will always be watching over you to ensure you do the exercise with the right posture. Sometimes we may not be as smiley as we want to be.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

Good Instructor

Wina is a great instructor! Lessons fly by when my husband and I are enjoying the workout. I highly recommend her classes!

We ♡ it when you pilates wit your loved ones. Hope to see both of you in class soon!


Class is enjoyable with nice instructors and studio! Felt really good after the class.

Witness the postive changes in your body and mind after you pilates with us for 2 months. It feels amazing!

A good stretch!

It was a great class with instructor Joy! She is very patient in guiding us with the correct postures and movements thru out the class.

Thank you Ying ying. See u in class soon!

$42 Per Pilates Reformer Class - Valid till 30 April 2022

Great Pilates classes for a healthier body

Truly enjoy the Pilates classes at Pilates Fitness. A variety of classes for people looking for different intensity of exercise.

Thank you so much, Magdalene. We enjoy sharing these movements with you too!

Great experience

Instructor was patient and attentive

Thank you, Audrey! Hope to see u soon in class! ◡̈

Love it

I love going to their Flexistretch and Core classes. Wina and Joy are always patient and explains the correct posture and muscles to engage for each exercise. Looking forward to attend more sessions

We ♡ to have you in class too! It's always motivating to know that our clients are enjoying the exercises and reaping the benefits.

Awesome workout

It was a lot of fun on the reformer machine. I felt that all my muscle groups were fully stretched and worked. Enjoyed the class with Joy very much.

Thank you for sharing. We are glad you had fun and an effective workout. See u in class soon!

Great class

I attend pilates once a week and honestly it is one of my favourite time of the week.
Great class, self care and me time!

Hello! Attending classes is also one of our best hour of the week. Hope to keep seeing you in our classes!

Core and weight loss

Different variation of reformer exercise with clear instruction!

Do you know there are more than 400 different types of reformer exercises? We try our best to keep every class interesting and fresh!

Love the Reformer Classes

I am so happy to have discovered Pilates Fitness. I am hooked on the Reformer classes, love the weight loss class. The instructors I've had so far have all been great (Wina and Joy). I can already feel myself becoming stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. I only wished I had found pilates sooner.

Later is better than never! We are glad we have the chance to work with you too. Hope to keep seeing you in class and enjoying our classes

Always good to top up new sessions when there is a promotion

I hope to continue this discipline of doing pilates regularly with Pilates fitness. It has very much helped my overall physique and fitness. Thank you to all the instructors!

Thank you Jo! It's always a pleasure to see you in class. Attentive and very determined to get the moves right.