Cardio Jumpboard

Get your heart pumping and improve your stamina with the Cardio Jumpboard Pilates class. It is a fast-packed, high-intensity Pilates class that burns calories fast while challenging coordination, muscle endurance and core stability. 


Many athletes join this class to train their stamina and supplement their exercises. In addition, it is a perfect workout for people, seeking low-impact cardiovascular activity.

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Pre-requisites: Reformer Introduction & 5 Basic Reformer Classes

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Sweat level: 4/5

pilates studio singapore

Focus: Cardiovascular Fitness & Resistance Training

pilates studio singapore

Difficulty level: Intermediate

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Honest Review

Very enjoyable and pain-free class with Instructor Joy! Feels so good after a good stretch class.

Thank you, Amanda! We are glad that our classes are helping you to cope with bodyaches. Look forward to seeing you in class soon!

3 Pilates Reformer Class

Did weight loss reformer class and it was intense! Instructor was experienced and good,
Highly recommended pilates fitness 😁

Thanks for sharing your experience. If you want something more intensive, try our Jumpboard class!


Has been with Pilate Fitness for more than 1.5 years and i love it! The instructors are professional and they always correct the poses. The session really help me with aches and postures.

We are glad that our classes are helpful to you, Kerina! Always great to see u in class!

A good workout!

This is my first time trying our pilates and I always leave the class feeling sore! I have a weak core and have difficulty doing some of the exercises but instructors are patient and will guide you through.

Thanks for sharing Pam. I'm so proud of you making effort to start Pilates. Continue what you are doing, enjoy the class and you will start seeing remarkable changes in no time!

Good stretch

Awesome instructors, they are patient and give clear instruction. The session is relaxing and you still get a good workout!

Thank you, Weini, we appreciate your feedback. Hope to see more of you in our studio. Do try out all the different class types except if you are nusing a injury. ◡̈

Pilates for beginners

I totally enjoyed the core and weight loss exercise conducted by Joy at the Serangoon outlet. I like the focus on ensuring beginners were properly briefed on the use of the reformer before embarking on the exercise which made it much more informational and effective. The weight loss session is a must try and will definitely improve your fitness level and help you achieve your goal. Thank you for the lovely experience and I will be coming back for more.

Great to hear you enjoyed our class, Mel! Stack up to 5 basic classes and try our Cardio Jumpboard on your 6th class - we are sure you will ♡ it!

Well Organised and Professional

Have been regularly going for classes conducted by Joy. She is very patient and willing to help with correcting my posture so that I can derive maximum benefit from the exercises. Great instructor.

Thank you, Ivan! Challenge yourself by joining in our intemediate classes like cardio jumpboard.

Good Exercise

Class size is small and the instructors are all very patient and correct our posture ! Great place to work out !

Thank you for sharing! We hope to see more of you in class. ◡̈

Enjoyed it!

The 3 class trial package was a great opportunity to try out reformer pilates. Since there are several class types, I could try out different types of lessons. Instructors were clear in teaching me how to use the reformer and helped to correct my posture promptly. Good low intensity workout and great for those wanting to ease into exercising more regularly!

Love it that you tried our different class types! We created the 3-Class Discovery Pass simply because we have 3 basic classes and would like newbies to try different class types to see if they will like our styles. Glad that you did! ◡̈

Great class!

Excellent class, clean equipment. I always look forward to it.

Thank you for your continous support for the last X years. We really appreciate it very much!

Trainer support

Really appreciate the trainer’s patience and encouragement to help me with the class. It was a totally new experience for me and I felt like giving up. But after training with trainer Wuna, I hv signed up for more sessions 😃

Glad that you are continuing classes with us. Wina will be pleased to hear your feedback - your precious feedback is what keep the instructors going class after class! Hope to see u in class soon.

Great Experience! 🙂

It is my very first experience doing pilates and I am surprised that though it was tiring, it was fun too! I was actually asked to start reformer pilates by my orthopedic specialist due to knee and ankle injuries. I initially thought that I would hate it, but I was wrong! Wina and Joy were very nice and patient in teaching us the poses and correcting our posture. I just signed up for a class bundle. Hope that I can strengthen my core gradually and help my injuries to recover well.

Thank you for sharing your Pilates journey with us! Pleased to hear that you enjoyed our classes and hope to see improvement in your knees and ankles.

I have been attending the Pilates reformer classes twice weekly. The classes have helped me gain muscles and lose stubborn fats. I have also become more flexible after all the stretchings done during the class. Really enjoy the experience.

Sharon Teo

Thank you for sharing your progress with us, Sharon. We are glad that you are benefitting from the regular classes. Hope to see you on our Flow Challenge Scoreboard! ◡̈

Hidden Gem

The instructors are well trained and experienced. I am confident that their careful attention helped me to exercise in a safe environment. The facilities like the toilet and waiting area could be better, eg water dispenser.

Dear Dorothea, thank you so much for your continous support. We will look into your feedback. ◡̈

Always a good workout session!

Always enjoyed myself in Pilates Fitness!
The instructor is attentive and professional. She will correct our poses whenever possible and instructions are clear too!
The place is clean and comfortable.

Thank you for sharing, Krislyn. We look forward to fitter and healthier days ahead with you!

3 Pilates Reformer Classes

Second time trying pilates reformer. Attended weight loss, flexi and core classes with my colleagues. Personally enjoyed the core class, felt that my whole body has worked out. Both instructors were patient and attentive to the participants. I appreciate how Wina pointed out some of my mistakes promptly and reminded us which muscle group to engage for each activity.

We hope you will stick with us this time, Tivona! Pilates is all about appreciation of the techniques and how your body respond to the movements. Glad that you are starting to explore Pilates deeper with Wina.

10 Group Pilates classes + 1 FREE Class - Valid for 3 months

Been going to Wina's Weight Loss class and really enjoying it. I appreciate her routines, attentiveness, and detailed explanation on which muscle group to engage to work on and prevent injury.

Thank you Wenlisa. We try our best to ensure members not only have a good workout but also improved knowledge about body awareness.


I started with the pre-natal classes here which were so helpful during pregnancy and now I've come back to build up my core again. Size of the class is perfect as the instructors are able to give individual attention when needed. Studio is clean with a good distance between each reformer.

Welcome back, Sara! Happy to hear that Pilates Fitness is part of your prenatal and post-natal journey. Do let the instructors know that you are under post-natal care so that we can customise certain exercises for you.

Love the classes! What a great first experience.

I had never done Reformer Pilates before this. I tried the weight loss class and the core class, both by Candice, and I enjoyed both. Candice is great - she provides clear instructions and looks out for common mistakes which is really helpful especially for a beginner like me. Classes are small and the studio is clean and comfortable (not too warm nor too cold), and equipment is well-maintained. Love the door app too!

Thank you for your kind words, Charmaine. We are really glad that we can see distinct improvements in your movement execution just after 3 classes! Keep it up!

I joined Pilates Fitness for a year and I enjoyed the classes! I attends core class and love how the instructors will always correct some of the posture!

Happy Anniversary, Jenny! We are glad you are still enjoying our Pilates classes after a year! Hope to see more of you in class.

Quality Pilates

Look no further if you want a clean studio with quality instructors! I like how classes are kept small, so that instructors are able to correct the right form and posture of each movement.

Thank you for your review, Rachel! Our maximum class size before covid is only 10 - we have made it a point to ensure that each and every client will get focused attention in every class. Hope to see more of you in our classes. ◡̈

As a beginner, the instructors were patient in guiding me and ensured that I was doing the exercises correctly. I enjoyed the sessions tremendously and I felt each of the exercise truly targetted the area and provided a good stretching workout. I hope to reap more benefits of reformer pilates through Fitness Pilates!

So happy to hear that you enjoy our classes! It meant a lot to us.
Do share your fitness goals with the instructors - we will try our best to customise each class according to the goals of our members!

Just what I've been looking for

I have been researching about pilates for awhile and am so glad I tried Pilates Fitness. The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. I could immediately tell that this is what I've needed to tone up and strengthen my body. Though I do a lot of cardio my muscles themselves, specifically my arms, calves, and core are weak so the Reformer classes are perfect. I know that I have found something that I will continue in for the long term. I highly recommend

Thanks for your sweet review, Shawna! We will be with you every step of your fitness journey. Do highlight to the instructors at the start of the class on the areas that you'd like some focus - we are squeeze in some moves to meet your needs at every class!

I enjoyed Candice's Weight loss class. She gave clear instructions and went round to ensure all of us maintained proper positions throughout the exercise. Looking forward to many more such invigorating sessions, and hope to see results soon.

Ping Lin, thank you! We look forward to many more classes with you - supporting every step of your fitness journey.


Bought this pack to experience different classes after the intro bundle. No regrets at all! Enjoyed the advanced classes by Joy and Wina, specifically Jumpboard and Abs Burn and will be looking forward to more classes.

Hello Sheryl - so glad to hear that you are 'brave' enough to try our intermediate classes! Keep it up!