Get Better Results: Build Momentum

Get Better Results: Build Momentum

Do you realise that a quarter of 2015 has passed?

Are you nearer to who you want to be now? Well… at least a quarter nearer? I assume that you have been doing Pilates classes at least once a week for the last 3 months (if not thrice weekly). You might be facing what we call fitness plateau now – getting increasingly less results despite putting in the same effort.
If you are reading my blog articles for the first time, take some time to read “Feeling Fat? Build Habits, Not Goals“, “Who do you want to be?” & “Build Your Exercise Community“.
What do you need to do to get the speedy results you experienced in the first few months of your intensive workout?

Variety. Intensity. Momentum.

What needs to happen now is to increase the variety, up the intensity and keep the momentum.
I understand is it not easy to make time to attend Pilates every day. If you have the time to do it, awesome! If not, why not try below formula.
no_slipped_disc_body_aches_pilates_fitness_classes 5_classes_weight_loss_pilates_fitness_classesslipped_disc_body_aches_pilates_fitness_classes10_classes_weight_loss_pilates_fitness_classes
If coming to classes thrice a week is a stretch then try a different class every week. Vary the type of classes you do; vary the instructor who teaches your class; and even varying the days you exercise will push your body to work harder to keep up. Do not fall into a fixed routine. Your body has a smart way to adapt and thus lacklustre results despite similar efforts.
If you only have been doing Weight Loss or Body Ache classes, then I encourage you to up the intensity of your workout by trying Jumpboard (if you have no slipped discs or lower body joint issues) and Abs Burn classes. If you have been doing Weight Loss Plus classes regularly, keep a lookout for our new intensive class launching very soon!
Write to me if you have questions about your fitness or any health concerns. I will be very happy to discuss them with you via email. You can email me at [email protected].

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