Benefits Of A Pilates Instructor

Work-Life Balance – Flexibile Working Hours, Stress-Free & No Politics

Earn a Living From Your Passion

Get a Fit & Healthy Body

The Pilates Fitness Method



The Pilates Fitness Method cue Pilates movements using simple terms, allowing participants to understand, and execute the movements easily and accurately. This is important in helping your clients improve, thereby retaining them. 70% of Pilates Fitness clients work out with us weekly for at least 4 years or longer.



The Pilates Fitness Method believes in running group Reformer classes. Our studios result shows that group classes keep members motivated, allow members to achieve their fitness goals and grow our client base through word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, most Pilates studios prefer beginners to start with Private classes, simply because the Instructors are not well-equipped to teach Reformer newbies in group settings.


Pilates Fitness Method integrates classroom management and group coaching techniques into our Pilates curriculum. This unique system jumpstarts Reformer newbies to group classes safely and effectively, making Reformer classes accessible to everyone.



Pilates Fitness Method Reformer Instructors are trained to create their own class routine based on a proven routine structure that meets the client’s goal in 3 key areas – improve fitness, reduce pain, and increase flexibility. Our proven track record shows that our routine structure works and keeps clients coming back for more.



The Pilates Fitness Method puts our client’s needs first. Instead of requiring clients to understand Pilates jargon, getting them to attendexpensive private classes, or requiring them to amass years of practice before reaping the Pilates benefits, we aim to resolve their physical concerns or issues in 10 or fewer Reformer classes. Clients continue classes with us for years, and have no qualms about buying big class bundles as they can feel the Pilates magic on their bodies.



The Pilates Fitness Method allows you to confidently lead a reformer group class in just 78 training hours. We do not believe in training for years before leading your own class or start with private coaching before teaching group classes. In the last decade of operating Pilates Fitness studios, we have trained many newcomers to become full-fledged Reformer group instructors within a month



The Pilates Fitness Method wants you to start teaching and earning as soon as possible. Our Comprehensive Reformer Instructor Course not provides payment options but is all-inclusive.


For just SGD $2850.00, you will receive

  • 30 hours of posture and reformer exercises coaching over 5 days
  • All training materials
  • 15 hours of observation hours 
  • 15 hours of practice teaching hours 
  • 15 hours of attending Pilates Fitness classes 
  • 3 hours of practical & written exams 


Payment terms:

  •  50% down payment + 30% before start of course + 20% 2 weeks after course commence



Candidates who performed well are immediately offered teaching opportunities at Pilates Fitness. In fact, it may take you less than a month’s work to recoup your training investment!



Date Time Location
26 Sep 2021 3pm – 8pm Telok Blangah
30 Sep 2021 10:30 am – 3pm Serangoon
3 Oct 2021 3pm – 8pm Telok Blangah
7 Oct 2021 10:30 am – 3pm Serangoon
10 Oct 2021 3pm – 8pm Telok Blangah
14 Oct 2021 10:30 am – 3pm Serangoon


Is this a Stott Pilates certified program?


No, this Reformer Instructor Course is based on Pilates Fitness Method. It is not related to Stott Pilates.

Why should I sign up for Pilates Fitness Method?


Pilates Fitness Method offers 3 key benefits that are not found in any of the current Pilates Instructor Education.


  1. 1. Pilates Fitness Method focuses on classroom teaching of Pilates movements to beginner clients with little or no knowledge of Pilates. Our Method’s unique delivery style allows clients to reap the benefits of the Pilates exercises without private classes or extended practices. It is especially suitable for busy clients who want to quickly experience the positive impact of Pilates rather than spending time to learn about Pilates.


2. Pilates Fitness Method jumpstarts a new instructor to teach confidently in as fast as 3 months. We do not believe in acquiring knowledge without the ability to execute the learnings. Classroom management tactics, proven cues and correction cues for each Pilates movement are highlighted in our course materials. We strongly feel that one does not need to take years of training before they can confidently conduct classes.


3. Pilates Fitness Method offer proven class routine structures that work. We focus on 3 key areas – Fitness, Pain Management & Flexibility. All the Pilates exercises are easily grouped into these 3 categories to help your clients meet their fitness and health goals.


Lastly, what you paid is the total amount you need to be certified unless you fail the final exam. The course fee is all-inclusive, there are no additional or hidden costs for the observations, teaching or attending classes.

Is Pilates Fitness Method internationally recognized?


No, the Pilates Fitness Method originates from Singapore in 2010 and started as an in-house training program for all Instructors who have joined Pilates Fitness. Regardless of previous certification status, Ms Candice, Pilates Fitness Founder, requires all Instructors who have joined her team to train under her for at least 150 hours before they can start teaching clients.


As the Founder of Pilates Fitness Studios in Singapore, Candice has interviewed Instructors from around the world across different Pilates schools in the last decade. She found that regardless of Pilates education, most instructors have deep knowledge about Pilates but not many can articulate that well to manage group class teaching.


It then dwells on her that it is to the benefit of the Pilates Schools if the Instructors do not have the confidence to teach well – they need to continuously take workshops and attend observations before they can graduate. This generates more income for both the Pilates Schools and the training centers.


In 2021, Candice decided to extend her own Pilates Fitness Reformer Instructor course to everyone. We hope to propel the Pilates industry in Singapore through Pilates Fitness Method and invite everyone to share her vision of running Pilates group classes with the masses.

Why should I sign up if the Pilates Fitness Method is not internationally recognized?


Unlike other fitness disciplines, The Pilates Industry is not regulated. At Pilates Fitness, we let our results speak for ourselves. Whether is it the Pilates Fitness google reviews or reviews at the Pilates Fitness website, you can see that the quality teaching of our Instructors is the key reason that keeps our members with us year after year, bundles after bundles. In fact, 70% of our members continue classes with us week after week since their first class. Our founding members have been with us for more than 10 years. Many introduce Pilates to their loved ones and it is a common sight to see the whole family doing weekly Pilates with us.


We want to pass on the magic of Pilates through the Pilates Fitness Method. Pilates Fitness Method instills quality teaching that allows the members’ bodies to feel the benefits of Pilates fast. If you want to be able to teach and start a new career as Pilates Group Class Instructor in 3 months, the Pilates Fitness Method is ideal for you.

What is the Pilates Fitness Method certification process?

1. Attend the Reformer course which comprises 6 modules across 29 Hours.

2. Sign off 15 Observation hours at Pilates Fitness studios.

3. Sign off 15 Class attendance hours at Pilates Fitness studios.

4. Sign off 20 hours of practice teaching (with 1 – 2 bodies) Pilates Fitness studios.

5. Sign up exam that comprises 2 hours written exam and 1.5 hours of practical exam within 6 months from Reformer Course.

Delighted Customer Share

Based on 152 reviews

Nice teachers , the entrance application should be improved though (it collect all possible data from the phone)

Small classes good teacher

Attended classes by Wina and grateful for the s class size which allowed her to pay attention to each student and make verbal adjustments specific to the student. Good experience!

Pilates Core training class

I really enjoyed myself attending each and every class. This is my 2nd time purchase fr these packages. Studio is big n clean. Trainers is very engaging n polite

Great experience!

I enjoyed my lessons at Pilates Fitness! Instructors are knowledgeable, patient and attentive, They make an effort to remember your names and to correct your form. The studio was also clean and cozy. Good experience.

I've been attending classes at Pilates Fitness for more than 6 years and it not only does it not get boring, I still look forward to every class for a great workout!

Feeling much stronger

I am four months post-partum and was not even able to get out of bed without assistance previously. With the reformer pilates exercises, I was able to strengthen my core. The instructors helped looked out for me and sometimes suggested different moves for my healing abs. Thank you Pilates Fitness and the amazing instructors.

Love this studio!

clean and well spaced studio. Class size is small so instructor can give enough attention to each student.. always give me a good stretch or workout each sesh!

Excellent experience

The class is small, the teacher can give indivual support and advice.
Great class for beginners.
Looking forward to my next class !

Engaging, patient instructors

It’s my first time doing reformer pilates and it was an amazing experience. I learnt a lot about the reformer and how to use it during the intro class, along with several new moves during each session.

Each class is at a steady pace with a lot of instructions to make sure we have the correct form and alignment. It was easy to keep up. I was aching all over the next day! I love it. Already looking forward to my next class.

Studio was clean and the trainer is engaging! Class size is small which is great! Really enjoyed my first class!

Great workout for first timer! Really enjoy the Pilates classes. Recommend for those who wanna know more about Pilates or how Pilates workout feels like.

Encouraging instructors and variety of classes

Love the Pilates classes at Pilates Fitness! I love the varieties of classes that we can choose from and also encouraging & approachable instructors who motivate us to press on during classes and adjust the routines accordingly to individual’s abilities.

Great Studio For Pilates Newbies, Effective Routines

Being new to Reformer Pilates, Pilates Fitness is a great introduction to this form of exercise. The instructors give clear instructions including breathing techniques that are easy to follow. They also highlight the muscle groups that are targeted for each workout. The routines are manageable for different individuals yet effective for working out the muscles. The same classes also come with variations to focus on different sets of muscles.

Knowlegable Instructors, Good workout

First time trying out pilates and using the reformer, attended 3 lessons so far and enjoyed myself! The movements are gentler compared to other exercises but one does achieve a good workout from a session. The teacher to students ratio is just nice, the instructors are well equipped with the knowledge and able to observe everyone and correct our postures on the spot.

User friendly equipment and clear instructions

Enjoyed attending the Core and Weight classes . Instructions were clearly delivered and doable at individual capacity. The equipment Box was fantastic and user friendly.

Effective Workout

A slower but very effective workout!

Favourite Pilates Studio Ever

Pilates Core is my FAVOURITE with wonderful instructors Wina and Candice. Felt good after each session and it helps with my back problem.

Good Instructors, Enjoyable Class

Top 2 things I enjoyed about my Pilates reformer class was 1) first time using a Pilates reformer machine and it really gives you a good workout without injuring yourself. 2) class size is small and Joy was a good instructor who gives all attention.

Amazing Workout

Effective and great workout!🔥

Patient instructor and classes with a good challenge

First time doing reformer Pilates, and Pilates Fitness was a great intro with instructor Joy being patient in teaching the intro class yet also pushing us in the flexi-stretch class (my fav class!) Loved how the stretch class had some challenge, with me into a slight sweat and toning muscles.

Core and Body ache classes for building energy and strength

I like Core & Body ache class as i feel it helps me gain strong muscles and my lower back pain is gone. I have more energy and strength for daily routine and doing outdoor activities with my family. Will keep it going!

Detailed and patient instructor

Great fuss free experience with Pilates Fitness! Joined their trial class package and I’m now into my 2nd Core class. Instructor is very detailed and patient. I’m the most amazed with that entry access using an app! Very ingenious and keeps me feeling safe in the studio!

Love detailed muscle engagement and friendly instructors

I have attended 2 classes at Pilates Fitness so far. The instructors are friendly and are constantly looking out for us whether we are doing the exercise correctly, even though it is a full class of 9 students. The 1 hour class makes you engage every part of your muscle, which is something people often overlook. Great class, would 100% recommend!

Effective Classes - Posture Improved A lot

My first time trying out pilates and I am glad I chose Pilates Fitness. Attended the pilates weight loss class and it really made me sweat!
Felt good after that and I can also feel my posture improved! Awesome!

Patient instructor

First time trying reformer class with Pilates fitness and it was great! Attended the flexi-stretch class recommended for beginners. Class size is small, instructor is very patient and helps to ensure you are in the right form. Can’t wait for the 2nd lesson!