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What is the waitlist policy?

If you try to book a class that is full, you will be automatically added to the waitlist. You will automatically get added to the class anytime when a slot becomes available. You will not get any notification when you are moved up from the waitlist. Please log into the booking system to check if you have been moved up the waitlist.

You may cancel without penalty if you are added to the class within 2 hours from the class start time.

If you are added into the Pilates Reformer class more than 2 hours before the start of the Pilates Reformer class, your Pilates Reformer class is confirmed. Your Pilates Reformer class is charged even if you did not attend the class.

We advise against waitlisting for multiple Pilates Reformer classes on the same day to prevent yourself from being charged multiple times if all your waitlisted classes become available. Back-to-back classes are not allowed in our studio.

Your class will be charged even if you did not attend it. As such, you should only keep yourself on the waitlist if you are definitely sure that you can turn up. If you are unsure about your availability, please remove yourself from the waitlist 24 hours before class start time.