Are you sharing your Pilates class bundle with your loved ones?

Enjoy waiver of Joining Fee worth $49 per person when you share your class bundle with a loved one!


Waiver of joining fee promotion is valid until 15 September 2022.

Here’s What You Need To Do:


Email us the name and mobile number of your loved one(s). This is to give permission for your loved one to share your class credits. Please note that each bundle can be shared with up to 4 other loved ones.


To enjoy the waiver of joining fee at $49 per person, your loved one must attend at least 1 class from your class bundle before 30 September 2022.



Read more about our sharing policies:


Do I need to book the same class as the person I am sharing bundle with?

Can I share a class bundle?

When I agree to share my classes with a loved one, when would i know if my loved one is using my class credits?

What Your Loved One Needs To Do:


pilates singapore  Register a Mindbody Booking account with us here.


pilates singapore  Download and install the Aliv Door App here.


Please look out for our confirmation email sent within two working days before your loved one(s) can start to book the Pilates class under your name. 

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