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Why do I need to email u my vaccination certificate, can’t I just show u my Trace Together App?

All classes at PIlates Fitness studio can only be attended by a fully vaccinated individual. As such, we need to verify client’s vaccination status before any class booking can be made and before physical attendance at the studio. Trace Together app does not serve it’s purpose since we are unable to verify the Trace Together App before you physically arrive at our studio. Please email us the vaccination certificate so that we can update your account in order for you to make any online bookings before your class.

We are only able to accept your vaccination certificate from Notarise or HealthHub to process as official correspondences via email. We are unable to accept your certificates via whatsapp or socials.

Please follow below steps to get your account verified so that you can start to book for classes:

  1. Please retrieve your vaccination certificate from HealthHub or
  2. Black out your NRIC and Passport number on the vaccination certificate
  3. Email the vaccination certificate to
  4. It will take up to 2 working days for us to verify and update your account. We will send you an email confirmation once your account is verified. Thereafter you can start book your classes here.
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