10 Minutes Pilates Beginners Standing Core | 14 Days Pilates Quarantine Workout – Singapore Pilates Edition

10 Minutes Pilates Beginners Standing Core | 14 Days Pilates Quarantine Workout – Singapore Pilates Edition

Aiming for that desirable toned body but hate doing planks? Well, we have something for you! Familiarise yourself with the workout and do these exercises while binging on all the dramas and series you’ve been watching!
Pilates Mat for Beginners Standing Core exercises challenges your core without crunches or planks. Great if you have problems flexing your spine or injuries on your wrists. 
All workouts in the 10 Minutes to Your Best Body Workout – 14 Day Quarantine Workout – Singapore Pilates Edition are suitable for all genders, young, seniors, and even those going through rehabilitation. I’ve created these 10 minutes classes – Singapore Pilates Edition to cater to the local population. I will work out with you in real-time, 1 minute per exercise, no repeated exercises and no equipment required. 

This 10 minutes Pilates Standing Core class is real-time so it feels like you are in a Singapore Pilates class with me cueing corrections and modifications as we go along to ensure you are always engaging the right muscles for an effective workout.

Repeat the Standing Core video at least twice a day – ideally once at the start of the day and another round before dinner. This is a self-regulated Pilates class – meaning you can do faster or slower than me but try to keep to sustain the 1 minute per Pilates exercise. If you have about 1 hour to spare, I would also recommend you to start with Day 1 to Day 7 into your daily routine to keep you moving throughout the day. If you are doing from Day 1, you can do one round for each day.

Read more about 14 Days Pilates Quarantine Workout here:

❥ 10 Minutes To Your Best Body | 14 Days Quarantine Workout Playlist – https://bit.ly/10Mins2BestBody
❥ Day 1: Flexible Spine: https://bit.ly/pilatesSpine
❥ Day 2: Loosen Those Hips: https://bit.ly/pilatesHips
❥ Day 3: Tighten Abs & Obliques: https://bit.ly/pilatesAbs
❥ Day 4: Lean Legs: https://bit.ly/pilatesleanlegs
❥ Day 5 filming was corrupted. 🙁 I will have to retake Day 5 when Pilates studio is open.
❥ Day 6: Shoulder Stretches: https://bit.ly/PilatesShoulderStretches

Day 7: Full Body Stretches: https://bit.ly/Full-BodyStretch

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