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Walk taller with better posture after reducing muscle imbalances and improving body awareness.

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Itโ€™s time to enjoy better posture and health with no pain. Regular Pilates practice prevents injuries and makes you stronger as you age.

Fun-filled Workouts

Every reformer pilates class is designed to be different, allowing you to push your physical limits while having fun.

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Delighted Customer Share

Based on 187 reviews

Really enjoyed my pilates session with Pilates Fitness! They have very experienced instructors to guide you along in class and also because of the class size, it is easier for the instructors to pay attention to each individual. Can definitely see myself coming here more often as it very convenient for me as well!

Back for more!

After my trial classes, I have decided to purchase the Xmas voucher which was a great steal! ๐Ÿ™‚ 1 of the exercise which I definitely enjoy now. hope there will be more great deals!

Thank you for continuing classes with us. We are glad to be part of your fitness journey!


Great bundle price! Hope there can be more bundles packages available so that its more affordable for students and honestly young adults! Class is great as always and i love how the 1 hour works out my entire body :))))

Thank you for your review. We run promotions specially for members via our monthly emails. Do watch out for them! โ—กฬˆ

i love pilates reformer โค๏ธ

i really enjoy pilates reformer! i always feel good after each session. the instructors at pilates fitness are good they correct my posture when im not doing an exercise correctly.

We try our best to correct the postures of the client so that all clients can feel the right muscles when doing the work. It's great to find an exercise that we enjoy and yet give us the results that we want!

Great place to experience pilates with reformer machine

I had experience with mat pilates before on other place and wasn't really into it as I got injured even worse so I quitted before I finishing the package but then later on I still wanted to do low impact exercise, at the end I continued my own stretching at home with limited movements on and off.

On December 2021 I googled about pilates and found that there's reformer pilates machine which I never experienced it before. It's something new for me but definitely it'll be helpful in doing more various way of stretching and toning than mat pilates.

As newbie I joined Pilates Fitness - 3 Class Discovery Pass at $69 as Introductory Offer and I was so excited about it. I decided to join Pilates Fitness at Serangoon Garden as this place is very convenient to visit (2 mins walking distance from Serangoon Garden Circus bus stop)

I started with flexi stretch with 30 mins introduction class about how to utilize the reformer pilates machine with Candice followed by 1 hours flexi stretch. It's pretty good start for me, no sweat no aching after class as it's more stretching exercisw as what I've been doing at home but with more varieties with the reformer. I could feel good stretch around my back and waist.

3 days later I joined Core Class with Wina. The sweat level 3/5 for me as I explored something new with some light cardio involved, pheeeww...it's pretty challenging as the exercise more focus on muscle around core, biceps, abs, quads, shoulder and the cardio, ohh...But again the feeling good stretch was really good for the muscle.

I met other lady on that day and found that Core Class was easier for her than the Flexi Stretch, and for me was the other way around. So I believe doing pilates is very personal to our body & our need. Do not compare and just enjoy the process slow but sure.

As I wanted to keep the good stretch in my body stayed, I continued the weight loss class with Joy 3 days later so I literally joined different classes to really know what's all about. The sweat level and the muscle exercise maybe around the same with Core Class and the aching wasn't that bad compared to Core Class as maybe I already on the 3rd times of pilates.

All in all, I really enjoy my time at Pilates Fitness. Simple, clean and efficient place for experiencing pilates with reformer machine. It's small class size with each instructors that really helpful and pay attention with every student.

Easy booking, easy to get in (with automatic door app). And the amazing thing was I got my free class after my 3rd which I didn't realize it until I wanted to book other class and had a chat with the admin. Helpful & fast response admin staff ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.

I got my 5 vouchers during Christmas promotion as I would love to experience and explore even deeper of pilates and looking forward for my next year class as within 4x classes my body feels lighter, more flexible and energized than ever.

Thank you, Pilates Fitness!

PS. I think some evaluation & review needed on website because after login is a bit confusing as it's only lead to "schedule, history, passes, purchases, info". I think "booking class" should have been added on the same spot as well so we don't need to start all over again the website only to find booking class. There's also inconsistent price shown on the website about 3 discovery pass $59 & $69 and regarding fully vaxxed is compulsory at the class schedule, but then when I redeemed my voucher & it's written in the email that weight loss class only for fully vaxxed, and not fully vaxxed can join the flexi stretch class or core class. Which one is the right info?

It's awesome to read your review of our classes, Santy! Thank you for the detailed sharing that could really help newbies on what to expect for their first few classes.

Thank you for the suggestion on the flow of the system. Unfortunately, this flow is dictated by Mindbody system which is a booking system that we used. We are not able to make changes to the layout but we will certainly share your feedback with them! โ—กฬˆ

Effective Workout!

This is my first time to Pilates. The instructor is helpful and patient. Pilates is a good workout for whole body and I enjoyed the class!

We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed your classes. More to come, Jena! โ—กฬˆ

I have re-joined Pilates Fitness in January this year and attending classes for the past 12 months have made me fitter & stronger. In spite of the lockdown and closure twice this year, Pilates Fitness made sure that they continue to delight their customers and adapt to the governmentโ€™s regulation timely. I am pleased to be on this fitness journey with Pilates Fitness.

Your feedback means a lot for us. Thank you for supporting us throughout this adventurous year. โ—กฬˆ

I love it. I tried 3 different classes - core Pilates, Flexi-Stretch and Weight Loss.. The machine helps me with the stretches and makes it easy as I work on my muscles and body parts.

Very glad that you enjoyed classes at our studio. Good on you to try different class types - many of our regulars choose the class types they prefer based on how their bodies are feeling.

Highly recommended!

Its my first time to try pilates and it was a great experience. It felt so good. I really enjoy it! Joy was very helpful and amazing instructor. Plus the studio is so clean and tidy.

Thank you for your sweet review. Hope to see you back in studio soon!

Great experience

The coaches are very professional and patience.

Thank you for your review Haoyang, we wish to see you soon at the studio!

Enjoyed my reformer Pilates class, so much that I purchased 3 Christmas pack to share with my family. Looking forward to continuing with classes next year!

Thank you for sharing the gift of fitness with your family! We are glad to be part of your fitness journey!

I've always had difficulties exercising my core at yoga lessons and then decided to try pilates. Pilates helps to stretch parts of my muscles which I never knew existed (!) and also taught me to the importance of using your core to do the moves and to not overstretch my back muscles. The instructors, Joy and Lorwina, are very helpful and would go the extra mile to teach you!

We are glad to hear that Pilates improved your body awareness and thank you for your appreciation of our Instructors' work.

Excellent workout!!

Enjoyed my trial classes with Pilates Fitness. The instructors were friendly and helpful.


Enjoyed my trial classes with Pilates Fitness. The instructors were friendly and helpful.

Fun and effective workout

First timer to pilates reformers! Instructor joy was rlly patience and helpful during my first lesson. She makes sure we know how to use the machine and also to use the right muscles! Definitely would recommend to my other friends.

Thanks for your review, Claudia! We hope you will continue the multiple benefits of Pilates at Pilates Fitness

I have been taking the Pilates reformer lessons since March and enjoy the lessons. Happy to lose some stubborn fats and become more flexible in the process. The trainers are very caring and always emphasize safety while using the reformer platform and ensure that the posture is correct. Thank you Wina and Joy.

Great to hear that, Sharon. Pilates is an effective but gentle way to lose body fats and increase muscle tone. We are glad that you found an exercise avenue that works for you!


Pilates is something I have always wanted to try. Glad that I chanced upon Pilates Fitness and decided to give it a go! It was harder than I thought but it was a great and fun workout. Need to take up more classes to work out my core :p

Dear Fanny - thank you for sharing your experience. Pilates tends to get harder as you appreciate it more - it's a never-ending journey, even for Instructors! โ—กฬˆ

Value vouchers purchased!!!

Purchased 3 Christmas vouchers. Super worth. And of cos can't wait to attend the classes with these vouchers!

Thank you Roger - we hope you will enjoy your classes! โ—กฬˆ

Effective workout

I enjoyed the classes and found them all personally very effective for me as I could feel my muscles getting stronger. Class size is small and instructor is patient and attentive. I would certainly recommend it to my friends and family who are interested in trying out reformer pilates.


I've always wanted to try out reformer pilates. I am glad I finally get to try it out at Pilates Fitness. The instructor was approachable and knowlegeable. Joy breaks down the instruction to make it easy to understand and follow for beginners. Friendly ambience. Will be back for more.

Thank you for your feedback! We are glad that you are enjoying our classes!

Am a very inflexible person but have started to see improvements ever since i started class with pilates fitness! Instructors are very patient and places strong emphasis on form. The class size is also ideal! Highly recommend if you wld like to start picking up pilates reformer!

We are that our classes are improving your flexibility! Do attend Core Pilates to build overall core strength too! โ—กฬˆ

Purchased the beginner 3 class package and enjoyed my sessions! It was at a good pace for beginners and appreciated the introduction that was given by the instructor prior to the main session.

Hello Eleanor, thank you for your note. We are glad that you enjoyed your 3-Class Discovery Pass. Hope to see more of you at the studio! โ—กฬˆ

iโ€™ve been attending 1 class a week since the beginning of the year and i love it ๐Ÿ™‚ love that i can exercise my entire body in the 1 hour. my water retention and period pains have also improved significantly! Recommended ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello MK, we are glad that our classes can help with your water retention! Easing of periods pain is also one of the first benefits of Pilates we experienced as Instructors.

Good trial class experience

Had a very good informative and guidance 1st reformer introduction class. Am going to continue with the class with Pilates Fitness

Thank you, Roger. We are delighted that you enjoyed our classes and purchased more credits to continue classes with us!

I've been going to the Serangoon studio and am obsessed with the weight loss class! The instructors are patient, friendly, and encouraging. Pilates is usually how I finish my day and it not only relieves any stress I'm holding onto but has also helped me lose a little weight. Thanks ladies for creating a studio I love to go to.

Thank you so much, CharlaAnne! You are a delight in class and it's always fun yet challenging for us to ensure you have a good class. We are certainly pleased with your efforts. Keep it up!