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Why does the booking system say I do not meet the reformer pilates class pre-requisites?

The latest Covid regulations require all reformer pilates classes at our studio to be attended by members who are fully vaccinated.

The booking system will not allow you to book for any reformer pilates classes if you have not sent us your vaccination certificate from Notarise.

If you are fully vaccinated, please download a PDF copy of your vaccination certificate from Notarise, MASKED OUT your NRIC and passport number and then email us. Kindly allow us up to 2 working days to update your account. You will receive an email once your account is updated, you will be able to book for your reformer pilates classes thereafter!

Next, if you are trying to book for Jumpboard Class or Abs Burn class, you need to attend at least 5 other basic Reformer Pilates classes in the last 12 months before you can go for Cardio Jumpboard or Abs Burn classes. If you have not attended 5 basic classes in the lasy 12 months, the system may also highlight that you have not met the class pre-requisites. 

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