FREE 14 Days Total Body

Pilates Flow Challenge

Do you want to:

> Become Strong and Youthful

> Lose a Dress Size

> Feel Alert and Full of Energy

Reduce Body Aches & Get Improved Flexibility

> Sleep Better and Worry Less

free online pilates classes

You can achieve all of the above in just 30 minutes a day, for 14 days.


The Total Body Pilates Flow Challenge is totally FREE. Total Body Pilates Flow Challenge is an Online Mat Pilates Workout where 3 to 5 Pilates exercises are chained into a single execution to challenge your balance, coordination and flexibility. Online Mat Pilates Flows elevate fitness and challenge mind-body focus giving you a total body workout in just 30 minutes. Expect total body change with improved fitness and sculpted muscles in 14 days!


No equipment is needed (except a pilates mat) and no repeats (repeats are boring!). Suitable for seniors to build strength and balance.


14 Day Total Body Online Pilates Flow Challenge


1. To Tone Up Total Body  

2. Attain Better Coordination, Balance & Flexibility 

3. Improve Fitness & Energy



Thursday 28 May 2020



Wednesday 10 June 2020 



14 days


♡Daily Time Commitment:

30-40 mins



Beginner-friendly. Senior-friendly


♡How it works:

Day 1-14: Take a full body picture (front, back, side) before your workout every day. Better still if you could take a video of you working out so that you can share with your loved ones on your socials. Find a top or bottom that you have difficulty fitting into and place it aside.


Day 1-14: Cut out all sugars and processed food from your diet. Drink only when you feel thirsty. Try intermittent fasting if possible – 16 hours no food, 8 hours eat what you want (but no sugars and processed foods).


Day 14: Take a full body picture (front, back, side) after your final online Pilates mat workout. Try to fit into the top or bottom you placed aside to see if you fit in. Upload your #14DayTotalBodyFlowChallenge journey to your Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to inspire your loved ones to start a workout regime! Make sure to include the #14DayTotalBodyFlowChallenge hashtag and tag @sgpilatesfitness so other users can find the challenge!


Right Click To Download 14 Day Total Body Flow Challenge Workout Calendar here.

❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 1

Full Body Stretch

Flow Legs


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 2

Shoulder Stretches

Flow Legs


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 3

No Back Pain

Flow Butt


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 4


Flow Butt


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 5

Flow Legs

Flow Butt


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 6

Strong Back

Flow Upper Abs


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 7


Flow Upper Abs


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 8

Butt Lift

Flow Lower Abs


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 9

Flow Butt

Flow Lower Abs


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 10

Standing Core

Flow Back

❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 11

Flow Legs

Flow Back

❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 12

Flow Upper Abs

Flow Legs


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 13

Flow Lower Abs

Flow Arms


❥ Online Mat Pilates Workout Day 14

Flow Butt

Flow Arms



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Delighted Customer Share

Based on 328 reviews
Pleasant trial

Small group. Wina has been a patience, great instructor for the new joiners like myself. Correcting your pose, and personalise the routine for individual capability

Hope to see more of you in class!

The best pilates experience ever!

I never thought pilates class is so much fun. I don’t regret signing up and had a great core pilates session with instructor Wina. I will definitely recommend pilates fitness to my friends! Looking forward to my next class!

Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate it!

First time trying out reformer Pilates. Totally enjoy the class. The teacher’s instruction is clear and she made sure our posture is correct when doing the moves.

We are glad you are enjoying Reformer. Twice a week of practice will give you a brand new body in a month!

Great Workout Experience!

Studio is pleasant and the instructors are knowledgeable in explaining every workout - focusing on proper form and breathing. I will definitely come back to sign up for class bundle and make this my regular exercise.

Thank you NB. We hope to see you back soon and share with you more interesting routines to spice up your classes.

10 Group Reformer Pilates classes + 1 FREE Class - Valid for 3 months

Loving it! Good workout

New to reformer Pilates but Joy is very good, patient and helpful. She will always help you get into the right form. Enjoyed her classes!

We are pleased to hear that you are enjoying our classes! Our Instructors' key is always about posture correcting and ensuring right muscle work. See u in studio soon!

I like Flexible class

Hi I like Flexible class and I wish there is one class on Sunday too

Thank you for your feedback, Masa. We will try to work that in soon. ◡̈

Recommended 🙂

Classes are kept small and yet still easy to book. The instructors (Joy and Wina) are patient and attentive. I started trying Weight Loss classes and I enjoyed it too! Hope there can be more promotions to keep the costs down 🙂

Thank you, Sher. We run promotions on and off, do subscribe to our emails to keep the promos going to your inbox! See u in the studio soon!

Great exercise for mind and body

Have been with Pilates Fitness (Serangoon) for more than 6 months now and enjoy every class of Reformer Pilates! The instructors are patient, knowledgeable and professional. Looking forward to more classes!

We are honoured to witness the postive inprovements to your movement and fitness. Always a pleasure to see u in class! Thank you for letting us be part of your fitness journey.

First try on Reformer class

I have signed up the 3-class discovery pass hoping to build my core muscles due to my knee injury.
I had enjoyed the classes. Instructor Candice is patient and helpful to correct our postures. I have signed up a class bundle and hope I can also try out flexi-stretch also.

Awesome to hear that you are trying different class types. We do encourage members to try different class types with different instructors so that you can accelerate at a faster rate!

Enjoying the core class!

I have been attending the core class (usually with Joy) and I definitely feel stronger and more confident when executing the movements. Joy conducts her class at a good pace, yet still takes the time to check on us and help correct our form when necessary. I am starting to explore the weight loss class now.

Always a joy to have you in class, Charmaine. Keep up the good work with your movements. Now it's time to challenge your fitness!

Love the classes

Pilates is a good start to a workout routine. Like that it doesn’t strain my bad knee.

Pilates Reformer Trial

It was my first time trying pilates reformer. Joy was the instructor to the class that I attended. She was friendly and patience and that make me less nervous for my first class. I like the idea of introduction class prior to the class so that new student like me know how the instruments work and not lost during the class. The location of the studio is also easily located. Definitely looking forwards to try other classes as well. Keep it up!


Attended class for more than a month. Like that every session will work out on different areas and won't get bored. Will sign up more classes.

Great studio and instructors

Definitely one of the best!
Joy is very good and helpful attending to make sure we are in proper form throughout the session.

15 Group Reformer Pilates Classes

The class size per session is small (max 10 pax) and the instructors are very attentive and patient. Also, I have noticed visible changes in my body after the 1st 2-3 weeks

Pilates class for Prenatal

My husband and I enjoyed the classes held by instructor Candice. She was humorous and engaging. Thank you!

10 Group Reformer Pilates classes + 1 FREE Class - Valid for 3 months

Wonderful start

I had my 2nd pirates class yesterday. Initially i was a little worried as i am pretty new to this and also not sure how i can feel about knee cap problem. I totally enjoyed the 1 hour class, the instructer was really patient and professional. Ill definitely come back to this.

Good classes

Classes are clear and good

Great Classes

Really enjoying the classes! The instructors are patient and give clear instructions, making it easy to follow. Feel fitter and more toned now!

Thoughts on reformer class

It was my first time trying out reformer pilates and it was so much fun. It might be a little tough for beginners but it really helps to work out the muscles that we rarely work on.

We think that you did really great for your first few classes! We ♡ it most when clients put in their best in every move. Keep up the good work!

Pilates Reformer Trial

I have long wanted to have a trial at Pilates with reformer and did a quick search online for studios near my place. Pilates fitness came up and reviews were pretty good so decided to have a go. The instructors were really patient for beginners like myself and will initiate to correct posture and techniques. I had a very good experience overall, but most importantly I felt the slight improvement in flexibility, strengthening core and body posture. That’s why I went on to purchase more lessons as a follow-up.

Great to hear that we will be seeing more of you at the studio! ◡̈

Great value!

Great value package with excellent studio and instructors

Thank you, sweet sara!

reformer pilates singapore