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I have just given birth (postpartum), can I sign up for basic Reformer classes?

Congratulations! We welcome new mummies to join all our basic Reformer Pilates classes as part of your postpartum recovery. We recommend you to get your doctor’s approval before starting Reformer Pilates class as everyone’s recovery journey is different. As a rule of thumb, you can join our Reformer Pilates classes after 4 weeks from natural delivery or 6 weeks from caesarean delivery.

We recommend you to start with Core Reformer classes for your first few classes. Do inform the instructor at the start of the class that you have just delivered. We will advise against joining the Weight Loss Pilates class for the first 6 months after birth as it involves certain exercises that may affect the recovery of your muscles. You may start to attend Weight Loss Pilates classes after 3 months on Core Reformer Pilates classes, depending on your progress.

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