Pilates Instructor Career In Singapore

Trainee Pilates Instructor (Part-time)      –      Serangoon Gardens

Operations Internship (Part-time)      –      Serangoon Gardens

Best Pilates Studio In Singapore

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Flexible Hours

Instructors can choose to work a minimum of 3 hours a week according to their lifestyle demands. Studio operations admin working hours are 12pm to 5.30pm, freeing your mornings and evenings for personal time.

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Progressive Career

We provide a stable career with ample opportunities to upskill yourself and progress. Perfect for trainee instructors who are still figuring out your teaching style or undergraduates who are on self-discovery path.

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Collaborative Team

We’ve got your back! Each person at Pilates Fitness comes to work knowing that the whole team is behind you. We look out for each other to ensure that we provide the best possible for our members.

Delighted Customer Share

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Great place to get fit!!

Initially I was a bit apprehensive whether I would be able to handle the reformer machine and whether I would enjoy the class…but I had nothing to fear! Joy took me through the intro smoothly and when the class started, it was great! Joy is very clear in her instructions, very calm and corrects me patiently when I don’t get the move right…I’m certainly learning a lot while stretching muscles and building strength!

I’ve enjoyed the last 3 sessions tremendously and signed up for 20 more sessions. Pilates is a great way to get fit and using the reformer helps a lot! I will definitely be a regular here cos Pilates Fitness is a great place to do my workout!!

Dear Siew Siew, we are glad that you found your happy pilates place! Thank you so much for your sincere review. We look forward to getting fit together! ◡̈

Great for people with injuries

Have been attending Pilates with Joy B for the past 2 yrs. Love her class as she will pay special attention to the students with any body conditions or any past injury. Recently have also introduce my daughter to attend pilates instead of going to Spin class. Guess she is hooked to it now and been going regularly for classes

Prenatal Pilates class is a great bonding session for me, my hub and my baby!

Had always wanted to try Pilates and I’m glad we took this first step to stretch it out. The session was fun and not a single down time. Planning to continue even after the kiddo is out 😁

Clean studio, awesome classes!

Enjoyed the classes for Core so far. Studio is clean and machines are well maintained. Instructors are professional, patient and passionate in what they do. Will try the weight loss ones next time. Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

Motivating and caring instructors!

I have enjoyed my reformer Pilates classes at Pilate Fitness (Serangoon). The small group workout sessions are motivating and the instructors (Joy and Candice) are caring and always focus on getting us to correct our postures while exercising.

Helpful & kind instructors!

Joy has been helpful as I’m completely new at this! Definitely recommend y’all to try Pilates here!

Loved the dynamic stretch class!

A stretch a day keeps the soreness away! 😉

Non-judgemental Pilates Studio

Started with a trial and ended up buying the 25 class after.I always look forward to each class. Booking a class is easy and convenient. The environment is very newbie friendly as you can take your own pace. Its a perfect workout to someone who wants to start off a fitness journey.

Recommended for beginners who dislike exercising!

For someone who dislikes exercising, this is a game changer! Firstly, the location is convenient for the north easters, and there’s always variations in lessons. So it’s never boring. The instructors are quick and patient to correct alignments etc. It’s been one month plus since I started with 2-3 lessons a week, and I already see progress in my body. The lessons are also easy to book online. Hoping Pilates Fitness will run more promotions and have more weekday lunch classes for the WFHs!

I purchased the Introductory Offer at $89 for 3 classes of Group Pilates Reformer Excercise. This is my first trial and learn Pilates Reformer. I already attended 1 Flexi Stretch, 1 Core & 1 Weight Lost. In the first lesson, the instructor will provide a 30 minutes briefing on how to use Pilates Reformer machine. Instructor Joy is very attentive, friendly & patience. I could feel good stretch on my muscles, really enjoy in this exercise. The website info is clear, online booking is easy, self open access door apps is simple, studio environment is clean. Highly recommended.

I recently started attending Pilates Reformer classes. Joy & Candice are both knowledgeable and patient.

Weight Loss Pilates is Awesome!

My fav class is the weight loss class as i have been eating alot and is looking for ways to lose weight. The class is quite effective in strength building.

Best exercise for sedentary lifestyle

Purchased the trial class and attended the core, weight loss and flexi stretch class. Easy to follow for beginners, first time tried reformer pilates and it's a very good exercise for office people who always sit on desks.

My first time trying Pilates and was initially hesitant to try out but I’m glad to have tried it here. Joy is extremely patient and helpful especially to beginners and attentive. She will point out the right posture when needed.

I signed up the trial package at Pilates Fitness and completed weigh loss, flexi stretch and core pilates. The instructors Candice and Joy are very helpful and patience. Overall is good environment and nice experience. I enjoyed the classes very much!

Love the size of the class and pace of training.
The trainer was patient and clear in her instructions. Being in a small class helped her focused on each individuals during her training.

Also wanted to try Pilates Reformer. Went for my trial class and bought another package. Love the burn and stretch I get from it .

Making a booking on the site is pretty self-explanatory and everything here is leaning more towards a "self-help" approach. No recep so you gotta tap yourself in using the mobile app. First timers here just need to attend 1 intro session. I really like that the class keeps its limit to 10pax so that the teachers can focus more on each student 🙂 overall good experience. Just bear in mind the showers are limited so maybe wouldn't advice you to shower there in case of long queues. Candice is really patient and nice too!

This was first class, I really enjoyed the class. It exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward for next class, can’t wait.

I really enjoyed my reformer pilates session. It was also a good bonding time with my family. Looking forward to my next lesson.

Nice small class and great trainer. Had a good stretching session.

Location, environment, equipment and facilities were all great.
Is the instructor that makes a different to the lesson.

Kelly despite being pregnant was spontaneous to provide guidance and to adjust our posture to whoever needed.
Kelly - An instructor who teach with passion!

The only point I would like to highlight is the 24 hours cancellation policy, perhaps will be good to reduce to 12 hours.


First time attending Pilates and it is an enjoyable experience! I decided to join in my friends, to give Pilates classes a try-out with the intention to lose weight, to my surprise it also helps slowly killing off my body aches and pain after attending the classes. 🙂 I enjoyed my sessions with instructor Joy who gives clear instructions guiding us through each moves, attentive enough to correct our postures making sure we are at correct body forms/moves. I immediately fall in love with Pilates after the first class and definitely looking forward for more Pilates sessions.

Flexi Stretch is for my body the best! Joy is so helpful, a big motivator !!! I’m looking forward for the next class

My first time trying reformer pilates with my friends. Enjoyed the classes, our instructor Joy, was very patient and helpful. Overall great environment and experience.