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Pilates Reformer Class singapore

3 Pilates Reformer Classes at $69 (U.P. $195)

Unsure if you are working out the right way? Have a medical condition you want to improve or looking to achieve a specific fitness goal? Our first-class Discovery bundle of 3 Pilates Reformer Classes is the best way to kick start your fitness journey towards a fit and pain-free body.

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Couple Prenatal Pilates Class – September 2022 Intake

The first and only Couple Prenatal Pilates class in Singapore that allows parents-to-be to prepare for birth through fun prenatal Pilates exercises together. Our Couple Prenatal Pilates class is specially designed for expectant mums in their second or third trimester. Limited to 10 pax per class. Sign up today!

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Private Pilates Combo Bundle (Limited to first 5 Bundles sold each month)

Elevate your Pilates practice with our Private Pilates classes. Private classes are great if you need extra support or guidance in your fitness journey. Or if you are keen to deepen your Pilates practice with right techniques.

Pilates Reformer Singapore
Pilates Reformer Class singapore
Starter Deal


New here? The Pilates Reformer Introductory bundle is the best way to get started.

3 Pilates Reformer Group
Class – First Time Clients

*Valid for 1 month

1 Drop In Pilates Reformer Class

*Valid for 1 month

Pilates Reformer Class singapore

Pilates Reformer Group Class


All Pilates Reformer classes are valid for the group Reformer class types except Couple Prenatal Pilates classes. It’s time to join the Pilates Fitness community!

10 Pilates Reformer Class

*Valid for 3 months

25 Pilates Reformer Class

*Valid for 6 months

100 Pilates Reformer Class

*Valid for 18 months

15 Pilates Reformer Class

*Valid for 4 months

50 Pilates Reformer Class

*Valid for 12 months

Private Pilates Class

Private Reformer Pilates Class


Benefit from personalized attention and full customization of Reformer Pilates class with a dedicated personal Pilates instructor.

Drop In Private Reformer Pilates Class (Solo)

*Valid for 1 month

15 Private Reformer Pilates Class (Solo)

*Valid for 6 months

35 Private Reformer Pilates Class (Solo)

*Valid for 9 months

50 Private Reformer Pilates Class (Solo)

*Valid for 12 months

100 Private Reformer Pilates Class (Solo)

*Valid for 18 months

Drop In Private Reformer Pilates Class (Duet)

*Valid for 1 month

15 Private Reformer Pilates Class (Duet)

*Valid for 6 months

35 Private Reformer Class (Duet)

*Valid for 9 months

50 Private Reformer Pilates Class (Duet)

*Valid for 12 months

100 Private Reformer Pilates Class (Duet)

*Valid for 18 months


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Delighted Customer Share

Based on 300 reviews
Great Pilates

Has been with Pilates Fitness since last year. Very well trained instructors, that can really point out which part of muscles I have to engage and work on. Help me correct body posture and alignment in a safe way.

Thank you Jess. We want to work with you for the long term to help you get stronger and pain-free. ◡̈

Always refreshing

I came with aches and still mood But we'll always leave with refreshed, empowered and great feeling after every class. It never fall.

We appreciate your sharing very much! What you said motivates us to come to work with pride and joy!

First try on reformer class

My first try on reformer class. Attended few classes with instructors. They are very patient and give clear instructions.
Very clean studio.
The booking system is easy and user friendly

Thank you, MM. We try our best to give only the best to our members.

Reformer Pilates Trial Class

I've recently purchased the Reformer Pilates trial packages and the classes are small, instructors are patient and engaging and overall a good experience.

Thanks for sharing, Elaine. We look forward to seeing more of you at the studio

Excellent trial package!

I attended 3 core pilates sessions with Wina, and it was a great way of getting introduced to reformer pilates. She was very friendly and patient, and I left each workout feeling like I went through an intense workout without being too exhausted. I definitely plan on continuing with regular sessions. The price was great too!

Thank you so much, Gabrielle! We hope you will always enjoy classes at our studio

No frills and clean studio

Decent and clean studio, instructors are friendly and I like that they make sure you are keeping up with the class.

Thank you, Eyleen. Regular practice will help you to improve your body awarenss and follow the class better. ◡̈

$40 Per Pilates Reformer Class - Valid till 17 June 2022 - Limited to First 20 Bundles Sold


The second studio I tried for reformers Pilates and though the equipment here don’t seem as new as the first studio I tried, they work just the same and well. The studio here is also quite refreshing, there isn’t any receptionist at the counter and I had to enter the studio via an app. First time experiencing this and glad to see that the studio is v clean, bright and comfortable. Tried two different instructors, Joy and Wina, both are very patient, friendly and clear in instructions.

Thank you for the comparison and review! We are glad that we did not let you down. We do hope that you will continue Reformer with us for the long term!

Prenatal Pilates Workshop June 2022

I attended the prenatal workshop in June 2022 and it really helped my posture and aches that I've been having since the pregnancy. It helped me destress and relaxes my muscles as we do quite alot of stretching during class. Being a beginner in pilates, the class was surprisingly fun and tailored to our pregnancy needs. The instructor was very gentle and allowed us to work out at our own pace (:

Thank you, Marie. We are glad that the dynamic stretches in the prenatal class relieves your tension.

Great workout!

Really enjoyed the core classes! As a beginner to pilates the Instructors were very friendly and went around to help correct our form

Glad that you enjoyed your reformer class! See you in the studio soon! ◡̈

Reformer Pilates Trial

Attended 3 classes the past month and they were great! I especially love the core classes where the instructor was professional and helpful. The breathing techniques were conveyed to us clearly as well. The reformer machine really works to help you target the intended muscles properly and you can really feel the burn without hurting your back/neck. Really recommend the classes here! 🙂

Thank you for recommending our classes ☺️.
Hope that you will reach your fitness and wellness goals with us!

Professional Instructors, Good Reformers

Enjoyed the Pilates reformer classes. The reformers are in good condition and instructors are good. Good class size of 8-10 pax. Will go regularly.

Hope to see you in class soon, Kelly. Hope you are enjoying the Flow routine in July. ◡̈

25 Group Reformer Pilates Classes + 2 FREE Classes - Valid for 6 mths

A great first experience!

I had never done Reformer Pilates. I tried the core class, conduct by Wina and I enjoyed myself. Felt I had workout my whole body. Wine is great - she provides clear instructions and looks out for common mistakes which is really helpful especially for a beginner like me. Classes are small and the studio is clean and comfortable and equipment is well-maintained.

Great to hear your first Pilates experience, Sam! We hope to see more of you in class!

Feeling Great

I really enjoyed the pilates core classes! It is not too tough for me and yet I can still feel that my body is working out. 😍

Glad that you are having fun at our classes. Do try out other class types too!

First reformer pilates

My first experience of reformer pilates and thankful to the PF instructor with patience help me gain more confidence. Now I understand the basic better 🙂

Always lovely to hear from Reformer first-timers. It's such a wonderful form of fitness and practice. Hope you can continue classes with us and get the max out of each class.

Awesome package

I tried the trial classes before signing up for the package. I feel leaner and toner after each session and really enjoy the classes.

Great to hear - regular classes will certainly make a difference in your fitness, body and mind. ◡̈

Great workout session!

Tried both the Weight Lost and Core Reformer classes. The Weight Lost class was pretty intense, super useful for those who are planning to lose weight! Core Class was pretty chill, good to check your form and posture.

Thank you, Alicia. Try our classes for a month and witness the positive changes to your body and your mind!

Feeling fitter

I’ve continued with regular classes after my trial classes ended. I feel that i do see myself leaner and more toned. The class is comfortably paced yet intense enough.

Thank you, J! Do try our different class types and instructors so that your body gets a challenge every class. ◡̈

Pilates reformer class

I love the reformer classes! Attended two sessions with Wina and she's really friendly and patient. She gives clear instructions as well and is very encouraging too 🙂 I find the Pilates classes great for stretching our muscles. Enjoyed myself!

So glad to hear that you are enjoying our class, Joycelyn! Hope you can feel the positive changes to your body soon!

Awesome Classes

Lots of class timings to choose from, accessible location, hoping to make this my new healthy habit!

Cultivating a new habit is not easy and we are glad that you chose Pilates! Try to focus on completing the monthly flow challenge and get rewarded up to 3 FREE classes every month!

Knee pain treatment workshop

Had a better understanding of how our feet alignment when doing the exercises on the reformer makes all the difference!
Correct alignment means no pain & we’ll be strengthening the targeted area/muscles too.
Thanks Wina for your clear explanation & correcting our posture/alignment. ❤️
Wished the class was longer so can incorporate a full workout!

Hello Linda, thank you for sharing your experience. We are glad you find it useful. As it is a workshop, focus is to share the knowledge and know-how so that you can incorporate it during your regular classes. Hope it will help your knee! ◡̈

A good mix of stretching and core exercise

A very good and safe way to exercise and build core strength, helps with people with back problems, flexibility, and classes are conducted professionally.

Thank you, Shaun. We are glad that the classes are working out for you. ◡̈

Good workout

If you haven't tried the jumpboard class, you've got to try it. Great fun. And before you know it, you've done your body a great favour.

Thank you! We enjoy teaching the jumpboard too - it's one of our favourite classes to teach!

Best workout for all ages.

A most wonderful and fulfilling workout.Very friendly and helpful instructors to guide you .Many kudos to them!!

Thank you for keeping up with your Pilates practice for so many years. We are motivated by your determination in keeping a healthy body!