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What is Weight Loss Plus Reformer Class?

Weight Loss Plus Reformer Pilates Class is our advanced Reformer Pilates class. It is the most challenging Reformer Pilates class we offer. The objective of the class is to challenge the fit with exercises that require less balance and a more complicated repertoire. You will need to attend at least 10 other Reformer Pilates classes at our studio for the last 12 months before you can sign up for the Weight Loss Plus Reformer Pilates Class. Read more here.

Benefits of Weight Loss Plus Reformer Pilates Class

> Ideal for The Super-Fit who loves challenges
> Build outstanding fitness & endurance
> Achieve strong sense of joint stability, balance & coordination
> Cultivate flexible, lean and toned muscles
> Long-lasting results

– Pre-requisites: Reformer Introduction + attended 10 other reformer class types in the last 12 months

– Sweat level: 5/5

– Focus: Core strength & Joint Stability

– Difficulty level: Advanced

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