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What is Reformer Introduction?

Reformer Introduction is a FREE 30 minutes Pilates Reformer Introduction Class before your first Pilates Reformer Group Class at Pilates Fitness to prepare you for your Reformer workout.  As such, your first class at Pilates Fitness will be 30 minutes Reformer Introduction and 55 minutes basic class type, a total of 85 minutes.

The Reformer Introduction is complusory for your first group class at Pilates Fitness regardless of your past Pilates Reformer experience. As the terms used in different Pilates studios may be different, the Reformer Introduction helps to ensure that the group class is conducted safely for everyone. You do not need to attend Reformer Introduction for your subsequent classes. If you choose a class slot that has Reformer Introduction, you can simply come at the class start time and skip the Reformer Introduction.

During the Reformer Introduction class, we will share the names of the various parts of the Pilates Reformer machine, how to set up safely and practice basic Reformer Pilates exercises so that you can get the maximum out of every Reformer class. 

Do note that Reformer Introduction is not required for prenatal and private classes.

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