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What is Cardio Jumpboard Pilates Reformer Class?

Cardio Jumpboard Pilates Reformer Class is one of our intermediate Reformer Pilates classes. Cardio Jumpboard requires you to jump while lying down, it feels very much like skipping. We added Cardio Jumpboard to encourage members to do cardiovascular workout. As this is our intermediate class, you will need to attend at least 5 other basic Reformer Pilates classes in the last 12 months before you can go for Cardio Jumpboard. Cardio Jumpboard is not recommended for someone who is nursing ankle, knee or leg injuries. Read more here.

Benefits of Cardio Jumpboard Reformer Pilates Class:

> Build Cardiovascular Fitness
> Attain Lean, Sculpted and Toned Muscles
> Elevate fitness and endurance
> Gain Core Strength & Coordination
> Long-Lasting Results

– Pre-requisites: Reformer Introduction & 5 Basic Reformer Classes in the last 12 months

– Sweat Level: 4/5

– Focus: Cardiovascular Fitness & Resistance Training

– Difficulty level: Intermediate

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