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What are the Pilates studio etiquette guidelines that I should take note of?

We appreciate that you kindly follow these guidelines at our Reformer Pilates studio in Singapore :


  • Leave your shoes at the entrance, we are a shoes-free Pilates studio.
  • Put on socks, preferably with grip. (Note: If you forget to bring your socks, please purchase a new pair of grip socks for SGD 6 at our vending machine. You will not be able to join the Pilates reformer class without socks. It will be considered a no-show, and a pilates class credit will be deducted from your bundle).
  • Please wait for the previous class participants to exit the Pilates studio before entering the Pilates studio.
  • Leave your belongings on the open shelf inside Pilates studio area.


  • No texting or phone calls will be allowed. Please switch your phone to silent.
  • If you absolutely need to be on your mobile, please exit the pilates class quietly and speak softly at the reception area. We would love for you to snap a shot or two for your socials before or after pilates class!


  • Disinfect your entire reformer and all the props you used after your pilates class.
  • Remove all springs at the end of your reformer pilates class, place the footbar all the way up and put the platform on the wooden board. Ring & sticky mats are placed on the platform. Toning balls are placed on the floor in front of the platform.
  • Return all props (foam rollers, squishy purple balls, thick knee pads, cushions) back to their homes at the end of the class.

Thank you for being considerate to one another and keeping our pilates studio safe!