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How do I book a class after I have purchased a class bundle?

Please take note that only clients with valid class credits and a Mindbody account with Pilates Fitness can book our Reformer Pilates classes.

We are unable to book or cancel classes on behalf of members.

If you see “CALL” button instead of “BOOK” button after you logged into our Mindbody booking system, it means that you do not have valid class credits or your class credits have expired. Please purchase class credits here before booking.

There are 2 ways to book your Reformer Pilates classes:

  1. Go to our Schedule Page > My Account to log in to book your preferred slot.


  1. Follow us on our Facebook page and on the left hand menu, click on the first tab “Class Schedule” and proceed to log in and book your preferred slot.

You are unable to book your Pilates classes through call, text, WhatsApp or social media.

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