SPOTLIGHT: How Pilates helped me lost 17kg in 5 months!

SPOTLIGHT: How Pilates helped me lost 17kg in 5 months!

In 2011, we have witnessed so many success stories (and sometimes life-changing ones) of how Pilates have transformed lives. With the blessing of these individuals who have benefited from Pilates, we are going to share with you their journey with Pilates.
Pamela started Pilates for the first time with Pilates Fitness in early 2011 and she attained such amazing results that I couldn’t believe  it myself. I remembered that she “stormed” into the studio one day, about 6 months from working out with us, and demanded a refund. I was taken aback and very concerned about her unhappiness. Then she grinned and said she needed a refund so that she can go shopping since she has left only one pair of pants that fit. Read on to find out how Pam lost 17kg in 5 months doing Pilates and watching over her diet.

Pamela Jenkins
MD, Asian Centre for Liver Diseases & Transplantation
Practising Pilates for almost 1 year, doing 3 – 4 sessions per week, usually 2 sessions of Pilates for Weight Loss and 1-2 sessions of Pilates Jumpboard.
1. How and why did you first get involved in Pilates?
I was gaining weight and diet alone was having very little effect. Due to my inability to perform weight bearing exercise such as running, treadmill etc, I decided to try Pilates.
2. How long have you been practicing Pilates? How often do you practice Pilates?
I have been practicing Pilates for almost a year now. Work permitting, I try to attend 3 classes a week but ideally would like to attend 4 classes.
3. What was your impression about Pilates before you begin practicing it? Has it changed and how do you feel about Pilates now?
I didn’t believe it would help me lose weight. I had the perception that it would affect my muscle tone and posture to a greater extent. I did, however, hope to lose a small amount of weight due to the increased metabolic rate of exercise alone. Has it changed now? Dramatically! Within a few weeks I could feel the weight falling off. My body shape also changed rapidly and my muscles became so much more toned. Within 5 weeks, I had lost one dress size.
4. Do you do other exercises or sports besides Pilates?
5. Has Pilates helped you to lose weight, perform better in your sports or improve your daily activities? If yes, how much weight did you lose and what activities are improved?
Within 5 months of commencing Pilates, I lost a staggering 17kg. This was so far beyond my expectations! I was amazed as were all my colleagues and friends. I had amazing amounts of energy. I would say my energy levels increased by 70%. Previously, after a long day at work, I would go home, and be in bed by 10pm. Now I have the energy to go  out after work and my work performance has also increased.
6. Can you share with us an unique experience that practicing Pilates has provided you with?
It has definitely put me in a better frame of mind in so many ways. Obviously body image and self confidence have improved tremendously. The encouragement, personalised care and interest of the staff are great confidence boosters and the cheery nature of everyone really lifts my day. My one big and lasting impression was when I broke my wrist and turned up for class in a plaster cast . I felt sure I would be told that it would be too much of a liability to have someone try to perform the exercises in such an incapacitated state and to come back when I was healed. I’m sure that would have been the case in many other classes. Instead, I was welcomed with open arms, exercises were adapted around my incapacity and instead of  feeling frustrated by my incapacity, the staff helped me make it fun. I could laugh at myself and the encouragement I received to keep going and not give up despite the difficulties is an experience I will never forget and will always be grateful for.
7. What has your experience with Pilates Fitness been like?
Uplifting, fun, a fantastic confidence booster in terms of the dramatic change in body image. It has also taught me so much body awareness which can be utilised in  everyday life to improve body posture, reduce aches and dramatically improve energy levels.
8. What do you find most enjoyable or memorable about practicing Pilates at Pilates Fitness?
The friendliness of the staff, the attention to detail in order for one to improve and the personalised service even  when the class is full. There is always attention to details to make sure everyone gets the most out of their class. Also, if there is quiet time before or after the class, the time to chat really feels that you are going to spend time with friends rather than just attend a class. Again, the personalised touch!
9. Would you recommend Pilates classes at Pilates Fitness to your friends? If yes, why?
I have done nothing but recommend it ever since I started! It is an excellent way to exercise if you cannot perform weight bearing exercises. Unlike the gym, I feel you get to exercise different muscles and it gives a more balanced workout for the whole body. Finally, my results!! I have had more comments and compliments than I can count!
10. Any last comments?
Keep up the good work. You have a wonderful set up, wonderful staff and a great philosophy.

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