Is Pilates difficult to do?

Is Pilates difficult to do?

It’s Pipi again.

The other day I was chilling with my buddies at The Basket, and I casually asked them, “What’s stopping you from trying Pilates?” Now, I have to mention that by this time it was already in the wee hours of the morning and we had a couple of drinks… You know people are most honest when they’re drunk. Anyway, one of them actually blurted out that he had wanted to try Pilates for the longest time, but was too intimidated by how difficult it looks. I laughed, because I’ve been there. I know many others find themselves in similar situations of wanting to do something but not finding enough courage to actually do something. It led me to ponder … Is Pilates difficult to do?
At Pilates Fitness, 90% of our clients today attended their first class with no Pilates experience at all! I guess you can say we’re pretty serious about training newbies. So… what do we do here that is so special and different?

1) 30-min Free Reformer Introduction Class

If it is your first class with us (regardless of whether you have done Pilates before), it is compulsory for you to attend our Reformer Introduction Class before the actual 55 minutes class commences.
What will be done in the Reformer Introduction Class?
Under the guidance of our experience and motivating Pilates instructor, the 30-min Reformer Introduction Class allows you to familiarize yourself with the reformer machine and to also go through some basic Pilates exercises that will be used in class. The Reformer Introduction Class is compulsory if it is your first time in our studio due to safety precautions. First-timers will benefit greatly from the Reformer Introduction class as they would know what to expect during the actual class and be better prepared for it.
How much does the Reformer Introduction Class cost?
The Reformer Introduction Class is provided FREE of charge for anyone who signs up for their first class with us. The easiest way to get started is to book in a Pilates trial class with us, the trial class is $30 for a Reformer Introduction Class AND a 55 minutes Pilates Weight Loss OR Pilates Body Aches class (U.P.$49).

2) Small Class Size

There is a maximum capacity of 10 pax for each class. The small class size allows instructors to pay more attention to each client and correct their postures more effectively.

3) Customized Pilates Group Classes

All classes are customized by the instructor, according to the strength and weakness of each client. Hence, we do not categorize our classes into Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels.  We acknowledge that each of us are different and we aim to challenge each client at their own
pace in a group class environment. The instructor will adjust the difficulty level of each exercise to make it challenging for everyone regardless of differences in strength. For example, a male client may have to put on a heavier load than a female client if the instructor feels that they can cope with the exercise.

4) Reformer Wonders: Minimize Body Weight Resistance & No Impact to Joints


The reformer machine complements your body weight with resistance from the springs of the machine. This means that working out on the reformer machine provides support and guidance as compared to free-play on the mat. The resistance from the reformer machine also tones up your muscles much faster than mat Pilates. You will also experience zero-impact to your joints when using the reformer machine, which means that the silver population, athletes, people with bigger body size, or even those recovering from an injury can still do Pilates!
So my answer to “Is Pilates difficult to do?” is quite obviously a “Nooooo”. For first-timers, it is normal to take about a 2-3 classes to get used to the flow of a class. Be sure to remain focused throughout and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

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