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Do I need to be fit to start Pilates?

You do not need to be fit to start doing Pilates. There are no fitness pre-requisites and you may join our Pilates classes at any fitness level.

If you have not been exercising regularly for a while, we will recommend you to start with Core Pilates or Flexi Stretch Pilates classes.

If you have been active and is looking for a more challenging class, you can get started with our Weight Loss Pilates class.

We welcome you to start your Pilates journey with us today! You can grab the 3-Class Discovery Pass at $89 for 3 Classes if you are a first-timer at Pilates Fitness. You also get to bring along a loved one to the same class for free!

If you still have concerns, you can email us to inform us of any medical conditions or injuries so that we can advise you if you should start with a group or private class.

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