5 Superfoods You Should Know About

5 Superfoods You Should Know About

Forget Blueberries and Soy milk, here are 5 super foods you should know about!

1. Spinach

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This green won’t let your guns expand to the size of a truck, but still packs a punch. High in Vitamin A, C, and K, this vegetable boasts more nutrients than most other foods, with lots of Magnesium, Iron and Calcium to boot. Studies have shown that the consumption of spinach leads to lower risks of cancer and heart related diseases, keeping you youthful and healthy as you age. Easily located in super markets, this super food is well within your reach! Looks like Popeye was right after all. Drop by any major supermarkets and purchase these greens for $3 – $4!

2. Chia Seeds

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Hailing from Mexico, this tiny seed is chock full of dietary fiber (34.4g for every 100grams!), Vitamin Bs and Omega 3 fatty acids. Known for being the “healthiest food” on the planet, the Chia seed delivers a massive amount of nutrients for a tiny amount of calories. Put a teaspoon of Chia Seeds to your yogurt, water, or even juice and watch this tiny seed grow 10 times its size. This lets you feel fuller and consume lesser calories. Yum. Buy em here. Prices range from $9.95.

3. Açai Berry

Acai berries

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Found in the rain forests of the Amazon, the Açai Berry (pronounced ah-sai-ee) has been proclaimed as an anti-aging and weight reducing food. Full of antioxidants (like red wine!), this berry has been associated to the lowering of cholesterol levels and improving blood circulation. Beauty lines are increasingly including this super berry in their products, due to its high antioxidant oil content. However, Açai Berries might be difficult to find in your local super markets, so try to steer clear from bottled Açai juices, as this may be loaded with unnecessary sugar and additives. Visit Project Açai for an Açai fix if you can’t find them in stores!

4. Avocados

Avocado slices

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Named as the “Alligator Pear” due to its bumpy texture, this fruit has a higher potassium content to that of a banana, which helps blood pressure and eye strengthening.  With 77% of its calories coming from fat, one might think that this food is unhealthy. However, the humble avocado is loaded with Oleic Acid, which is a Monosaturated Fatty Acid commonly found in olive oil, which has been known to reduce inflammation. Just keep in mind the calorie content of a single avocado (300 – 400 kcal!) and you will be good to go! Purchase these at any local grocery store for $1.65 a pop!

5. Quinoa


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Many struggle to lose weight due to their carbohydrate intake. However, white rice can be replaced by Quinoa(pronounced keen-wah). This isn’t technically a grain, but a seed instead, and is a wonderful replacement for gluten intolerant people! Combined with high level of protein and a low glycemic index, this super food will keep you full AND keep your blood sugar level low. How wonderful is that? Check it out here for $12.20!
Be sure to try some of these super foods  and share your recipes with us on Instagram @sgpilatesfitness. See you soon in the studio!

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