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What should I do before my first class?


Step 1: Please book or cancel your class here. Please note that we are unable to book or cancel on behalf of clients.

Step 2: We operate a digital front desk, so the studio door is locked. For entry to our studio, please download, install, and sign up for our studio’s door application here.

We do not entertain walk-ins, please make sure you reserve a slot before stepping into the studio.

2) Try to eat at least 1 hour or earlier before class. Hydrate yourself.

3) Wear fitting workout attire (not necessarily tight) so that Instructor can see your posture and bring a pair of socks, ideally grippy socks. No shoes are required for class.

4) Reach the studio about 5 minutes before class start time. We start on time. However, Sports Singapore does not recommend participants to arrive too early for class due to Covid situation.

5) Inform the Instructor if you have any aches, injuries or medical concerns that we should watch out for.

Let your ears hear the words of instruction and allow your body to transform these instructions into movements. Focus on slow, steady movements coupled with mindfulness and concentration. Enjoy the transformative experience at the end of your Reformer Pilates Class.