Pilates Fitness

Accelerated Reformer Instructor Training



  • Pilates Fitness Accelerated Reformer Instructor Training is your pathway to become an confident and effective Reformer Pilates group class instructor
  • It is an intensive program that springboard you to become a Reformer Pilates group class instructor in just 86 training hours



  • Serious Pilates practitioner who wants to learn about the anatomy, technique and alignment of reformer exercises.
  • Reformer Instructors trainees who seek guidance in developing effective group class routines and managing group classes.
  • Individuals with aspirations to become a Pilates Fitness Reformer Instructor.



  • 48 Hours of In-Person Training covering:
    • Weight Loss & Core Pilates Routines including modifications for clients’ posture and medical issues, and various Pilates props
    • Application of Pilates neutral body to the reformer exercises in a group class setting
    • Learn to create hundreds of effective group class routines using the Pilates Fitness Method
    • Using Pilates Fitness Method in class management to deliver fun and effective classes
    • Practise Peer-to-peer teaching
  • All training materials
  • 15 hours of observation hours
  • 15 hours of practice teaching hours
  • 5 hours of attending Pilates Fitness classes
  • 3 hours of practical & written exams


  • Completed at least 30 reformer group classes at Pilates Fitness in the last 24 months
  • Completed the Pilates Fitness Reformer Masterclass
  • Successfully completed an in-person audition


  • Come in your activewear and bring a pair of socks as you are expected to do some reformer exercises
  • Bring along any stationary or digital devices for notes-taking during masterclass
  • Bring bottle of water along too if you need to drink during class



  • $2,700



  • 17 July 2023 – 30 July 2023
    • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur: 1pm – 5.30pm
    • Sun: 1pm – 7pm


Can I sign up for this Accelerated Reformer Instructor Course if I do not have any background in fitness teaching. 


Yes, you can apply for the Accelerated Reformer Instructor Course as long as you have completed the following prerequisites:

>> Completed at least 30 reformer group classes at Pilates Fitness in the last 24 months
>> Completed the Pilates Fitness Reformer Masterclass

>> Submited the application form online

What if I am unable to attend the all the training days?


You will recieve all the materials for the full course. However, if you missed any in-person training days or hours, we are unable to make up the lost hours. You have to attend at least 90% of the in-person training hours to be eligible for the exam. If you missed any days or hours, you will have to catch up with your classmates.

Will I recieve any certification for attending this Masterclass?


Yes, you will receive a Accelerated Reformer Instructor Training certificate once you completed the Accelerated Reformer Instructor Training with at least 90% attendance. You will get the Accelerated Reformer Instructor certificate once you passed the written and practical exam.

What if I did not attend at least 30 Pilates Reformer group classes at Pilates Fitness before the Accelerated Reformer Instructor Training?


Regretably, you may be asked to leave the Accelerated Reformer Instructor Training if you did not complete at least 30 Pilates Reformer group classes at Pilates Fitness in the last 24 months from your payment date. We will be unable to provide refunds or make up for the Accelerated Reformer Instructor Training

I’ve attended Pilates Reformer group classes at other studios before. Will that count towards the 3 classes required?


Unfortunately, no. We will require you to attend at least 30 Pilates Reformer group classes at Pilates Fitness in the last 24 months so that you can appreciate the Pilates Fitness Method.

Delighted Customer Share

Based on 371 reviews
Great for people with injuries

Have been attending Pilates with Joy B for the past 2 yrs. Love her class as she will pay special attention to the students with any body conditions or any past injury. Recently have also introduce my daughter to attend pilates instead of going to Spin class. Guess she is hooked to it now and been going regularly for classes

Prenatal Pilates class is a great bonding session for me, my hub and my baby!

Had always wanted to try Pilates and I’m glad we took this first step to stretch it out. The session was fun and not a single down time. Planning to continue even after the kiddo is out 😁

Clean studio, awesome classes!

Enjoyed the classes for Core so far. Studio is clean and machines are well maintained. Instructors are professional, patient and passionate in what they do. Will try the weight loss ones next time. Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

Motivating and caring instructors!

I have enjoyed my reformer Pilates classes at Pilate Fitness (Serangoon). The small group workout sessions are motivating and the instructors (Joy and Candice) are caring and always focus on getting us to correct our postures while exercising.

Helpful & kind instructors!

Joy has been helpful as I’m completely new at this! Definitely recommend y’all to try Pilates here!

Loved the dynamic stretch class!

A stretch a day keeps the soreness away! 😉

Non-judgemental Pilates Studio

Started with a trial and ended up buying the 25 class after.I always look forward to each class. Booking a class is easy and convenient. The environment is very newbie friendly as you can take your own pace. Its a perfect workout to someone who wants to start off a fitness journey.

Recommended for beginners who dislike exercising!

For someone who dislikes exercising, this is a game changer! Firstly, the location is convenient for the north easters, and there’s always variations in lessons. So it’s never boring. The instructors are quick and patient to correct alignments etc. It’s been one month plus since I started with 2-3 lessons a week, and I already see progress in my body. The lessons are also easy to book online. Hoping Pilates Fitness will run more promotions and have more weekday lunch classes for the WFHs!

I purchased the Introductory Offer at $89 for 3 classes of Group Pilates Reformer Excercise. This is my first trial and learn Pilates Reformer. I already attended 1 Flexi Stretch, 1 Core & 1 Weight Lost. In the first lesson, the instructor will provide a 30 minutes briefing on how to use Pilates Reformer machine. Instructor Joy is very attentive, friendly & patience. I could feel good stretch on my muscles, really enjoy in this exercise. The website info is clear, online booking is easy, self open access door apps is simple, studio environment is clean. Highly recommended.

I recently started attending Pilates Reformer classes. Joy & Candice are both knowledgeable and patient.

Weight Loss Pilates is Awesome!

My fav class is the weight loss class as i have been eating alot and is looking for ways to lose weight. The class is quite effective in strength building.

Best exercise for sedentary lifestyle

Purchased the trial class and attended the core, weight loss and flexi stretch class. Easy to follow for beginners, first time tried reformer pilates and it's a very good exercise for office people who always sit on desks.

My first time trying Pilates and was initially hesitant to try out but I’m glad to have tried it here. Joy is extremely patient and helpful especially to beginners and attentive. She will point out the right posture when needed.

I signed up the trial package at Pilates Fitness and completed weigh loss, flexi stretch and core pilates. The instructors Candice and Joy are very helpful and patience. Overall is good environment and nice experience. I enjoyed the classes very much!

Love the size of the class and pace of training.
The trainer was patient and clear in her instructions. Being in a small class helped her focused on each individuals during her training.

Pilates... I love it

It was my first time to try a pilates exercise and I love it right away. The instructor (Wina) guided me well and she make sure that I can properly do the exercise routine. I will definitely try it again to improve my posture.

great workout!

was a first timer for pilates, but wina was very clear with her instructions and guided through each of the exercises well! 🙂

My Experience at Pilates Fitness

I had a wonderful experience in my trial class in Pilates Fitness, I was introduce in the usage of equipment well and also the purpose of each excerise that we do. The trainer also communicate clearly and the environment is convulsive for our training.

Pilates strengthen postural, mobility and blood circulation

I have benefited from Pilates classes. The exercises help to strengthen my postural muscles and improve spine mobility. I feel more energetic because of the improvement of my blood circulation around my body.

Welcoming studio with great classes

Had taken a break from reformer for 3 years and was hesitant to come back but I am glad that I tried out Pilates Fitness in Serangoon. The classes are challenging but enjoyable and the instructors are welcoming. I look forward to visiting more soon!

Wonderful experience

No regrets in attending classes at Pilates Fitness. Trainer Joy is very helpful and patience. Her instruction is clear and will correct posture if needed.

We’re blown away by your kind words, Sally! And we love the great smile on your picture!
We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your feedback with us and reminding us why we do what we do. See you soon in class!

Super Worth it!

I am starting to feel some development on my posture and more awareness on it. Hoping to get stronger core and lean muscles with the package I purchased. Workouts are challenging and I love it. Thank you!

We love your enthusiasm, Nes! So happy to hear that you bought a reformer bundle to continue classes with Pilates Fitness! We introduce new monthly focus to help you discover new muscles you never knew you have. Don't miss out on our monthly Flow Challenge!

Great prenatal pilates class

I enjoy the sessions, the instructor is friendly and thorough in explaining each move. I feel great after class.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, Yuliana. We will never be tired of hearing that prenatal clients have our trust and want to come here for prenatal care. It’s always a pleasure to see you at Pilates Fitness Prenatal class.

Very enjoyable Pilates classes!

It was my first time trying out reformer Pilates class. Instructor Joy was very patient and kindly explained the reformer machine thoroughly to me. She also made the class very easy to follow for first timer. The classroom is very clean, air-conditioned. I enjoyed myself so much that I am looking forward to the next class already. I like that the class is very 1-1. The instructor will come around and correct your posture and encourage you to push harder.

Dear Elaine, your review means a lot to us. We do all we can to provide our clients with the best reformer group class possible; it always makes our day when a client appreciates our efforts. So, thank you once again and we hope to make your next class at Pilates Fitness just as fun! Have an amazing day!