How Do You Get Out Of A Lazy Day?

How Do You Get Out Of A Lazy Day?

Today I don’t feel like doing anything

I just wanna lay in my bed

Don’t feel like picking up my phone

So leave a message at the tone

‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything.


You are not alone.

All of us experienced days like that – so much so that Bruno Mars wrote a song about it, titled it “The Lazy Song” and it was sure a big hit!
Mmm, so what happens when you at the lazy mode? What if you are stressed and tired from managing life; and slipped back to your old ways (where regular exercise is not part of the equation)?
The temptation to stay with the old ways is only as strong as your environment. If you want to make exercising a habit, you need to change your environment.
So what is the secret to doing classes thrice a week with no late cancellations?
Well, there is no secret…however, there is a strategy. This strategy is not unlike any business/life strategy.

5 Step Strategy Plan

  1. First understand who you want to be, ie your target
  2. Plan your tasks and act on it on a routine basis, ie create a new habit and schedule it in your calendar
  3. Identify potential issues, ie possible scenarios that may bring you off course such as… a Lazy Day!
  4. Devise solutions to prevent the issue from happening, ie actively choose to be in an environment that will spur you on even on the laziest day
  5. Reward yourself on the tiniest achievement, ie new dress, movie, massage or laksa?

Most people skip step 3 and 4, and then wonder why they always have problems meeting their targets. You need to preempt the possible issues and solve for them before they even happen! Which is why I always believe that good luck happens to people who actually plan for it.

Well, the open secret is to build the community that supports your new habit!

Let me illustrate with some examples:

NEW HABIT: Eat healthily.
ENVIRONMENT: Lunch with colleagues who shy away from unhealthy local delights and welcome meatless Mondays, you will find it easier to stick to your new diet plans.


NEW HABIT: Exercise regularly
ENVIRONMENT: Hang out with the group of friends who think fun is exploring new parks in Singapore and not the newest cafe in town will help you to maintain your new exercising habit.


NEW HABIT: Read more and watch less TV
ENVIRONMENT: Spending time with movies buffs is not likely to encourage you to pick up new books to read.


Build The Community That Supports Your New Habit

Not convinced? Let me share an observation with you – the regulars at our studio (aka folks who attend 3 or more classes per week) come to class as if they are coming to a party (or a date)! It may be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise at times, but it is never boring to go to a Pilates Party! The regulars at our studio bring their partners, family, friends and even colleagues along. I was truly amazed by what I experienced last Saturday – almost 50% of the class gathered at the end of the session and went off to have lunch together. Attending Pilates class together is part of their catch-up agenda!
Coincidentally, these are also the folks who have the most significant changes – better postures, more energy, bright smiles, glowing skin and toned bodies.
It’s not surprising that having workout buddies is the best way to keep your motivation up. Working out with buddies also makes you accountable to your new habit.

Tips To Build Your Own Exercise Community

  • invite people who you catch up weekly/daily to your next Pilates class
  • hang out only with folks who want to be the same type of person as you
  • if people around you do not exercise regularly, share with them your new habit and ask for their support. If they are not supportive, then hang out less with them
  • be our facebook fan and let us walk this fitness journey with you
  • suggest to your lunch kakis to go to the healthy restaurant that is further away from office and buffer enough time so that you can have a longer walk back after lunch
  • Read our testimonials to inspire you
  • take a selfie  after class and show off your post workout glow on your facebook every time you finished exercise – create your new supportive online environment
  • get your BFF at work to go to Pilates class together after work twice a week (pss…many of our clients does that!)
  • come to Pilates class 15 minutes earlier, snack on a cereal bar and make new friends at the studio


Other Tips To Sustain Your New Exercise Habit

  • Replace lifts with stairs. Walk up escalators
  • Park your car at the highest level or the furthest lot from your destination
  • Drop off two bus stops away and walk home
  • Go meatless Mondays and have your last meal of the day before 7pm
  • Update your email in our booking system to ensure you get our notifications and reminders about classes
  • Walk to your colleagues and have a face to face chat instead of calling or texting or using instant-messaging tools
  • Block book your slots for February and schedule them into your calendar

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This blog is inspired by Zen Habits.


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