Pilates exercises prevent Prostate Cancer & enhance sex life!

Pilates exercises prevent Prostate Cancer & enhance sex life!

Pilates exercise is a comprehensive head-to-toe workout training key physical performance factors such as core strength, balance, flexibility, uniform development, and efficient movement patterns. Pilates exercise is also full-body muscle strengthening exercise that focuses on developing your abs and back muscles and to reduce muscles imbalances. It is one of the best choices for sculpting your entire abdominal area, giving you the “eight pack” that most men ever wanted. However, many people always misidentified it as a women exercise. Pilates exercises may be dominated by women but it was actually founded by a German born gymnast and boxer named Joseph Pilates. He developed The Pilates Exercises Repertoire that works well for both men and women.

Pilates exercises may prevent prostate cancer and enhance your sexual life
Prostate cancer is one of the problems that men face as they get older. It is believed that the deterioration of the pelvic floor muscles is the major factor contributing to prostate cancer. All Pilates exercises focus on activating and engaging pelvic floor muscles. With regular Pilates exercises that strengthen pelvic floor muscles, the risk of prostate cancer may be reduced
For the same reason that Pilates exercises help in the prevention of prostate cancer, stronger pelvic floor has also been shown to enhance a man’s sexual function. Strong pelvic floor muscles help to improve bedroom performance immensely and sexual dysfunction may be decreased through Pilates.

Pilates exercises build core strength for better sports performance
Pilates exercises emphasized on the development of the core muscle groups including the spine, abdominals, hips and lower back. This kind of core training makes Pilates exercises an excellent technique for foundation cross training with other kinds of exercises and sports. Many famous male professional athletes such as Jason Kidd and Tiger Woods have also added Pilates exercises to their training programs to further enhance their strength, flexibility and coordination. Pilates exercise system makes your entire body stronger and more powerful, so that it is easier to engage in other types of sport activities that you are interested in with a strong core.

Pilates exercises increase flexibility for wider range of movement
Many men can benefit from having greater flexibility. Most men who exercise frequently are strong but their muscles are really tensed, because their hamstrings tend to be very tight and inflexible. Pilates exercises which involve stretching your muscles will increase your range of motion and improve your whole-body fitness by making the tight areas more agile.

There are no fitness and age limitations for Pilates exercises
We know that you want to be able to continue your exercise routines even as you get older. Unfortunately, many forms of exercise may be too hard on your joints when you become older, hence may no longer be suitable for you. Pilates exercises will be a great exercise for you as you age since it is a low-impact exercise that helps in strengthening your body without harming your joints. Pilates exercises help a great deal in building your back strength and improve your posture. These are the things that will become more important as u age. Do you guys still think that Pilates is a women’s exercise? It clearly offers a great variation to existing male workout routines. Try it to believe it!

Pilates Exercise

Pilates Side Kick is a great Pilates exercise for males as most men have tight hip flexors and extensors. This Pilates exercise targets abductors, flexors and extensors of the hip and torso stabilizer. Pilates Side Kick exercise aims to increase flexibility of the quads and hamstrings while working the abs and back muscles in stabilization.

Begin lying on your side, with pelvis and spine in neutral. Keep legs extended, slightly flex your hips in order to angle your legs forward. Ensure your ankles are dorsiflexed and the top leg lifted, hip height. The bottom arm is straight, palm down with your head resting on it. The top hand is in front of you on the Mat for stability. Ensure scapulae are stabilized.

Step 1: INHALE for two counts.
Maintain torso stabilization and flex top hip while reaching your leg forward. Reach a little further on the second count.

Step 2: EXHALE
Stabilize pelvis and lumbar spine in neutral and extend your hip, reaching the leg back, plantar flexing ankle and gently pointing your toes.

Complete 8-10 repetitions each side.

Cultivating good posture and incorporating core strengthening exercises such as Pilates exercises will help you to perform better in all physical activities

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