Why Is It Important To Attend Pilates Classes From Different Pilates Instructors?

Why Is It Important To Attend Pilates Classes From Different Pilates Instructors?

I often get requests for specific instructors to teach at specific studio and at specific timings. Some clients get upset when their favourite Pilates Instructors no longer teach at their preferred slots. In fact, this Pilates Instructor rotation is deliberate. I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight why it is important to attend Pilates classes from different Pilates Instructors.
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I get upset when I hear people saying that they have given up trying to be healthy and fit. The most common reason for giving up is that they are not motivated to continue. The reason why they are not motivated is because they cannot see the results. Their exercise plan has slumped into a plateau. As a firm believer and advocator of fitness, I feel strongly not to allow my clients slip into such fitness plateau. It is important to develop our fitness regime at the fringe of our comfort zone. That is what will bring us closer to success.

At Pilates Fitness, we develop each client by pushing them beyond their boundaries at each class. We ensure that every class is different, we do a radical change to our Pilates classes annually, we encourage members to track their own progress by introducing different fitness challenges and we rotate our Pilates Instructors.

So these are the top three reasons why it is important to attend Pilates classes conducted by different Instructors:

  • Your mind-body development is hindered by sticking with the same Pilates Instructor month after month (or year after year)!
    Pilates is about building mind-body connection through increased awareness of your body and muscles. Staying with same Pilates instructor breeds familiarity which may lead to complacency (from both the participant and the Pilates Instructor). For some, it may lead to reduced mind-body connection as you are used to the Pilates Instructor’s style and teaching. I’ve witnessed some clients going into the starting position even before the Instructor even started cueing. In such circumstances, you are merely using muscle memory instead of using the class as an opportunity to sharpen your mind-body connection. Develop your mind-body control by keeping yourself at a (slightly) uncomfortable state.



  • Different Pilates Instructors have a keener eye on different postural issues.
    Attending classes from different Pilates Instructors allows more pairs of eyes to observe your body and movements. You will improve at a much faster rate by getting feedback from a variety of Pilates Instructors rather than relying only on one Pilates Instructor’s guidance.



  • Different Pilates Instructors have different favourite exercises.
    There are more than 400 Pilates exercises, sticking to same instructor may mean you won’t get to experience all that Pilates can offer.

Similarly, Pilates Instructors will try to attend courses conducted by different Master Trainers from different Pilates schools so that we can learn from everyone.
Give every Pilates Instructor from Pilates Fitness a chance! Be open to different styles and witness your own developments. As all Pilates Instructors from Pilates Fitness are full time Pilates Instructors, we are dedicated and committed to your personal development. Helping you meet your fitness goals is what keeps us going and motivated each day!




See you in the next Pilates class,

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