SPOTLIGHT: Pilates Helped Me To Perform Better In Golf!

SPOTLIGHT: Pilates Helped Me To Perform Better In Golf!

Bob started attending Pilates classes with us in 2011 and was looking to improve his golf performance with Pilates. His key concerns were his posture, flexibility (especially in his spinal rotation), as well as core muscle strength. Renowned golfers such as Tiger Woods and David Duval have used Pilates training to improve their games! At Pilates Fitness, we help athletes such as golfers to maximize their potential by improving flexibility, stability, core strength, balance and coordination. We’re happy that Pilates has improved Bob’s posture, reduced tension in his upper back and enhanced the flexibility of his rotation while allowing him to enjoy both the joy of Golf and Pilates without any body pains!
Bob Robert Wilson Gibson
Practicing Pilates for 2 years, doing 2 sessions per week, usually 1 session of Pilates for Weight Loss/Body Aches and 1 session of Pilates Jumpboard.


1. How and why did you first get involved in Pilates?
I got involved to improve my posture and physique to play better golf.  Golf is my main sport and is a big part of my lifestyle for weekends, holidays and socializing. I saw videos of myself and realized my back was arched, and I knew that wasn’t a good thing.  Pilates is something I had wanted to do for a long time. I live near the Pilates Fitness studio and decided to get started.

 2. How long have you been practicing Pilates? How often do you practice Pilates?
I first went to class around June in 2011. I try to attend class twice a week, but I now find myself doing some Pilates exercises at home for about 15 minutes everyday.
3. What was your impression about Pilates before you begin practicing it? Has it changed? How do you feel about Pilates now?
My impression before was always that it was good for core strength and posture, so there was no real change in perception.
4. Other than golf and Pilates, do you do other exercises or sports?
Yes, I used to run more. I find myself preferring to use a cross trainer in the gym twice per week for cardio and then stretch with Pilates afterwards to lengthen my hamstrings.
5. Has Pilates helped you to lose weight, perform better in your sports or improve your daily activities? If yes, how much weight did you lose and/or what activities are improved?
My weight has been around 78.5kg for a number of years. I exercise often and eat reasonably healthy, so Pilates is not so much about weight loss for me. It is more about flexibility, core strength, and achieving a good body posture.
6. Can you share with us a unique experience that practicing Pilates has provided you with?
Yes, I participated in a golf tournament recently, and there was a photographer who took a picture of me and 3 other partners. When we were given the picture at the end of the game, I had to do a double take at it as I didn’t recognize myself. The person in the picture was standing much straighter, and with much broader shoulders than I remember seeing myself in similar pictures from previous years. This experience made me realize that Pilates classes has indeed helped me to make progress in my body posture, and hence improving my performance in golf as well.
7. What has your experience with Pilates Fitness been like?
Very good! I’m happy with class and with the instructors, who are always very helpful and quick to recognize what needs to be done to improve a muscle group or weakness.
8. What do you find most enjoyable or memorable about practicing Pilates at Pilates Fitness?
The positive feeling after attending a class, and waking up the next day in good body posture.
9. Would you recommend Pilates classes at Pilates Fitness to your friends? If yes, why?
Yes! The studio facility is good. It’s convenient, not too big, and the instructors are knowledgeable.
10. Any last comments?
Only things to add are that booking has become a challenge for me since the Pilates studio built up quickly in the last few months. I need to plan my classes in advance, but my work requires me to travel, hence I can’t plan too far ahead either. It has become difficult to get on waiting lists recently, and some of the work in the classes has not been demanding enough due to the number of newbies in class. However, I appreciate you letting me know if class becomes available by SMS. I guess I need to find a way to plan and book better. 

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