Workout Plans to Win 28 Days Pilates Challenge

Workout Plans to Win 28 Days Pilates Challenge


We started 28 Days Pilates Challenge on 1 October 2015. As we approach the end of October 2015, we trust that you have completed at least 5 classes by now. Do grab your encouragement gift at any Pilates Fitness studio reception once you’ve completed your first 5 classes from 1 October 2015.

I also want to recap last week’s email about identifying your targets. This week, let us take a look at how you can plan the type of classes to attend at Pilates Fitness to meet your personal fitness goals.


We have created 3 workout plans for 3 fitness goals:
  1. Weight Loss
  2. Reduce Body Aches
  3. Increase Body Tone
These one month workout plans will not only help you to achieve your personal fitness goal but also increase burning of your body fat, bringing you a step closer to becoming the next 28 Days Pilates Challenge winner! Identify your fitness goal and follow the workout plan for maximum benefits in the shortest time.

1) Weight Loss Workout Plan



2) Reduce Body Aches Workout Plan


3) Increase Body Tone Workout Plan 

Start acting by block booking the recommended classes till November 2015!
With planning, determination and execution, you would not only be able to complete the 28 Days Pilates Challenge, but also get a fit and pain-free body ready for the year end celebrations.

Remember to do your Body Composition Analysis every week to track your progress!


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