Intensive Workout Plans Win 28 Days Pilates Challenge

Intensive Workout Plans Win 28 Days Pilates Challenge

We have exactly 19 days to go before we end the 28 Days Pilates Challenge!
We hope that you are seeing the results from following our workout plans. As your fitness, strength and stamina improve, you may face what we call the fitness plateau – working hard as normal but seeing very little results. At this point in time, integrating your workout routine with high intensity workouts will push you past the plateau into the next stage.
We have prepared 3 workout plans to meet 3 fitness goals, namely:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Reduce Body Aches
  3. Increase Body Tone

We have also uploaded 2 HIIT Mat Pilates workouts into our Youtube channel.
The easier version is the 10 minutes HIIT Mat Pilates with 40 seconds workout and 20 seconds rest. The more intensive version is the the 10 minutes HIIT Mat Pilates with 50 seconds workout and 10 seconds rest.
Follow these workout plans to get your fat burn going and body aches melting away!

1) Intensive Weight Loss Workout Plan


2) Intensive Reduce Body Aches Workout Plan


3) Intensive Increase Body Tone Workout Plan

Block booking the recommended classes for December 2015! We are also running the 1000 reps challenge! DOUBLE HIGH!

With planning, determination and a little strategy, you would not only be able to complete the 28 Days Pilates Challenge, but also get a fit and pain-free body ready for the year end celebrations.
Remember to do your Body Composition Analysis every week to track your progress! You can use your unique ID, to see how you pit against other challengers at our scoreboard.

Yours in health & fitness,

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  • Sue Ann
    Posted at 16:20h, 12 May

    Hi please provide the schedule(s) for trial class @ Serangoon Garden. Thanks.

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