How do I prepare for my first Reformer Pilates Class?

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How do I prepare for my first Reformer Pilates Class?

Reba McEntire once said “All the money in the world cannot buy you back good health.” We are glad that you chose Reformer Pilates class to be your means to maintaining good health. It is always good to prepare before your first reformer pilates class so that you can enjoy your first reformer pilates class without feeling stressed or rushed.

8 Steps to Prepare for your first reformer pilates class:

  1. Buy class credits 
  2. Book a class type with Free Reformer Introduction
  3. Download door app
  4. Wear fitting workout attire
  5. Bring a pair of grip socks
  6. Turn up 5 minutes before class – not too early
  7. Allow Pilates instructor to assign the reformer to you
  8. Highlight to the Pilates instructor any medical issues or current discomforts before class


What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is an apparatus, equipment or exercise machine used specifically for Pilates classes. You will only find Reformer Pilates at Pilates studios and they may only be used under guided supervision unless you are a certified Pilates Instructor.

The Reformer machine has springs for resistance, straps for your arms and legs to pull or push and a carriage that glides around providing instability.

What all these mean is that to perform a Reformer Pilates exercise, you are working against resistance to tone your body, arms and legs as well as your core since you are working hard to maintain balance or stability at all times. As the carriage glides, it also helps you to stretch deeply and dynamically while you tone your muscles.

A Reformer Pilates class kills many birds with one stone, hence its popularity amongst celebrities and athletes. Reformer Pilates is well known to accelerate your fitness development, tone full-body muscles, reduce muscle imbalances, increase core strength, muscle and joint flexibility as well as coordination – all in a single class.


About Pilates Fitness Classes

All Pilates Fitness classes have a maximum of 10 participants per class. We may reduce the number of participants to below 10 depending on any government regulations but we will not exceed 10 pax per class.

We offer a FREE 30 minute Reformer Introduction class to all first-timers at our studio to acquaint themselves with our studio lingo and the Reformer Pilates machine. Do not hesitate to ask questions during this Introduction and make a good friend out of the Reformer machine during your Reformer Introduction class.

All our Instructors have at least 10 years of Pilates or Fitness training experience and we are all full-time instructors. We are passionate about teaching and we make sure that our clients feel the right muscles when working out. In fact, some of our Instructors are trained physiotherapists who have switched careers to become Pilates Instructors.


Class types for first-timers

For your first Reformer Pilates class, please sign up for a Reformer class type that has a 30 minutes Reformer Introduction Class. The FREE Reformer Introduction class is compulsory for your first class regardless of past Pilates experience.

We offer 3 basic Pilates Classes for first-timers depending on your fitness goals:

  1. Weight Loss Reformer Class is a high-intensity class to build muscles & lose body fat. This class is not suitable for someone who has not been exercising regularly.
  2. Core Reformer Class is a mid-intensity class to strengthen core and improve posture. Core Pilates class is suitable for the silver population, those under-going rehabilitation, postpartum or anyone who wants to get started on exercising.
  3. Flexi Stretch Reformer Class is a Pilates class filled with dynamic stretches for stiff and inflexible bodies. It is also a great class for anyone who needs to stretch deeply and release any muscle tensions.

For members who have been working out with us for some time, we offer intermediate classes to elevate your fitness levels:

  1. Cardio Jumpboard is a high intensity and fast paced Pilates class that builds cardiovascular fitness. You need to attend at least 5 basic classes in the last 12 months before you can book for Cardio Jumpboard.
  2. Abs Burn Reformer class is a high intensity workout that is ideal for those who wants to tighten belly, strengthen core and, elevate fitness and endurance. You need to attend at least 5 basic classes in the last 12 months before you can book for Abs Burn Class.
  3. Weight Loss Plus is our advanced class that is ideal for The Super-Fit who loves challenges that build outstanding fitness & endurance. You need to attend at least 10 basic classes in the last 12 months before you can book for Weight Loss Plus Class.

It is normal to feel nervous or excited about your first reformer pilates class. Simply follow 8 easy steps below to prepare for your first reformer pilates class at Pilates Fitness. We assured you will be back for more reformer pilates classes very soon!


1) Buy class credits 

Pilates Fitness offers a 3-Class Discovery Pass at $89 for first-timers at our PIlates studio. As we have 3 basic Reformer Pilates class types, the 3-Class Discovery Pass is the best way to experience all the different Pilates classes before you decide if you find Reformer Pilates enjoyable.

Please note that the 3-Class Discovery Pass is only valid for first-timers at our Pilates studio. If you have attended any classes or workshops at Pilates Fitness before, you are not eligible to enjoy this offer.


2) Book a class type with Free Reformer Introduction

Please ensure your first class at our Pilates studio is a basic class with Reformer Introduction. As such, your first class will be approximately 90 minutes long – 30 minutes of Reformer Introduction and 55 minutes of the basic class.

Our Pilates studio in Singapore offers FREE 30 minute Reformer Pilates Introduction to all first-timers at our studio. This FREE 30 minute class will run through the Pilates terms we use in our Pilates class, how to use the Reformer machine safely and allow the newbie(s) to practice some Reformer Pilates exercises. The Reformer Introduction will help newbies feel confident in using the Reformer Pilates before the actual class starts.

If you have booked a class without Reformer Introduction for your first class, we may cancel your class or ask you to leave the class and a class credit will be deducted.

Useful FAQs:

Why does the booking system say I do not meet the reformer pilates class pre-requisites?

I am a first timer and booked a class, why was it canceled?

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3) Download door app

We operate with a digital front desk and our studio doors are locked. Only clients with valid class credits can enter our Pilates studio with a door access app. If you have valid class credits, please click here for instructions on how to download and install our door app.

Useful FAQs:

Is there a reception / front desk?

Can I not download the ALiv Door app?

Read here for more door app FAQs.

first reformer pilates class,pilates instructor,pilates studio,pilates class

4) Wear fitting workout attire

Please wear fitting and comfortable workout attire to all your Pilates classes. You will not go wrong with a fitted tee or tank matched with slacks or tights!

Please do not wear loose tops as the Pilates Instructor will not be able to see your posture and offer corrections. Also, we will recommend against wearing loose bottoms or very short bottoms as many Pilates exercises require you to point your legs to the ceiling and your bottoms may roll down without you knowing.

You can read more here about what to wear to your next Reformer Pilates class.

first reformer pilates class,pilates instructor,pilates studio,pilates class

5) Bring a pair of grip socks

Socks are compulsory in all Pilates Fitness classes. You do not need any shoes. In fact, our studio is shoe-free. You have to leave your shoes at the entrance before going up the stairs.

We will recommend socks with grip or anti-slip socks. However, any socks will do if you do not have any grip socks. If you are going to do Pilates long term, we recommend you to grab some grip socks. We sell them in a vending machine at the studio – only $6 for a pair (please bring exact change as the vending machine do not give out change). We have new colors and designs coming in all the time. Do check out our vending machine when you are at our studio.

first reformer pilates class,pilates instructor,pilates studio,pilates class

first reformer pilates class,pilates instructor,pilates studio,pilates class

6) Turn up 5 minutes before class

Please do not be late for your Reformer Pilates class. We will be unable to admit you into the class if you are late for more than 10 minutes. This is because we would have finished warming up by then and have proceeded to tougher Pilates exercises. It is not recommended to jump straight into more challenging Pilates exercises without warm up, you may risk injuries.

We suggest that you enter the studio about 5 minutes before class. You can do a quick trip to the toilet before class starts.

We do not recommend you to come more than 10 minutes before the class as we want to minimize interactions between clients within the studio. Although the number of Covid cases in Singapore have eased, we still want to take precaution and discourage any possible spread of covid cases. We will strongly discourage you to loiter around the studio before or after classes for your own safety.

Useful FAQ:

What is the late policy?


7) Allow the Pilates instructor to assign the reformer to you. Ensure at least 1 spring is on before sitting on reformer

Do you know that we adjust the settings of the reformer to your height before the start of every class? This is to ensure that you are working out at your optimum setting for the maximum benefits. The Pilates instructor would have set up the reformers before inviting the class into the Pilates studio. Let the Pilates instructor assign the reformer to you. Do avoid sticking to the same reformer for every class. In fact, using different reformers and attending classes from different Pilates instructors is a sure-win way of accelerating your process and avoiding a fitness plateau.

All reformer springs are removed at the end of class. When you are first assigned to your reformer machine, please put on at least one spring before you sit on the reformer. This is to ensure that the carriage will not be gliding around when you are seated to avoid any accidents.

Why is it important to attend Pilates Classes from different Pilates Instructors?

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8) Highlight to the Pilates instructor any medical issues or current discomforts before class

Do you know that Pilates Instructors at Pilates Fitness do not follow a fixed class routine? Our certified Instructors create the class routine based on the attendees of the class. As such, our class routine is fluid and we are able to cater spontaneously to any possible injuries or medical concerns. This is probably why many regular members attend classes daily for years and they are never bored!

Before the start of your Pilates class, do highlight to the Pilates instructor if you have any medical concerns or any discomfort. It could be you played a game of tennis two nights before and you are still feeling sore in your shoulders or you did not sleep well and woke up with a sore neck. Alerting the Pilates Instructors before your class allows the Instructor to better plan the class routine to meet the needs of the entire class. The Pilates Instructor watchful eye will check and push you if needed so that you can improve faster.

The above pointers should be more than enough for you to prepare for your first reformer pilates class. When you are in class, focus on yourself. Listen to the Pilates instructor’s cues and allow your body to respond to those words. There is no need to compare yourself to others. There is no need to look around or feel that you are not doing the right thing. Every body is different and you may look different to those around you, but that does not mean you are wrong. Rest assured that if your posture is indeed wrong, the instructor will come round to offer appropriate corrections and guidance. If not, you are certainly performing the Pilates exercises correctly!

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